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July 22, 2005

dog-day paddling with jim kacian

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We never need an excuse to feature Jim Kacian, our very first

Honored Guest Poet, and the generous author of a haiku-how-to

primer that premiered at this website.  Jim’s going to be in my neck

of Upstate New York this weekend (probably kayaking and feasting

with John Stevenson and Yu Chang), so I thought I send a big hello

from the multiple personalities at f/k/a.


Jim might not have seen last night’s perigean moon, but he’s

a lunar aficionado from way back:



                            brightest moon up all night








coyote moon small




sundown —

one dog starts

them all





the melon splits

ahead of my knife —

midsummer heat









for my birthday

another trip

around the sun





Jim Kacian — Upstate Dim Sum, guest poet, 2001/II 


writer’s block —

an ice cream binge

inspires brain freeze


                 [July 22, 2005]                     



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scattered ashes, socialists, religious law schools, price sensitivity and much more)    

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