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July 31, 2005

missing Lissa’s party: yu & I

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8th birthday –

she wants a diamond

and new cleats


            – uncle dagosan





Sigh.  Lissa’s 8th Birthday party is taking place today, and I’m three

hundred miles away.  So, I can’t give her a big hug, nor share a delicious

cake with many of my favorite relatives. 



with Lug, 1998 – larger


Whether she’s hanging out with Lug (the Buffalo Bison), silly-dancing,

or sharpening her baseball skills, Lissa Giacalone is a very special niece.  

Happy Birthday, Sweetie, from Uncle David!


Fellow Schenectadian Yu Chang is helping me celebrate eight years watching

Lissa grow and glow. 






pink clouds

between the boulders





she leans

a little closer

ladybug on my palm







starlit sky

the call of crickets

here and there





windless day –

kissing snowflakes

on her hair



(May, 2005) larger in color



red envelopes

the sound

of children’s laughter









with Lug, 2003 – larger






I count

my blessings



Yu Chang from Upstate Dim Sum 2003/I & 2003/II


                                                                                                                   7th Birthday – larger





we all help

blow out the candles —

dad’s 86th birthday

                                  dagosan, Feb. 26, 2005



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