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August 12, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — August 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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two days

after the hurricane —

tears for strangers


                          [Aug. 31, 2005]













litigation bags —

the associate’s

half-closed eyes


                     [Aug. 31, 2005]










sticky sunrise —

waking to an empty

ice cream carton


                     [Aug. 30, 2005]














sudden scent

of moth balls —

the widow’s open window


                     [Aug. 29, 2005]









aging veggies

in the fridge —

I break a few eggs



        [Aug. 28, 2005]













clearing out 

the spider webs —

again, I spare the cricket

              [Aug. 27, 2005]








scratching my back —

one more job

for the scarecrow


         [Aug. 26, 2005]  








backyard bocce –

tonight we’re

the noisy neighbors










grandpa’s smile

vanishes —

one flattened tomato plant












the red ball is closest —

sunset distracts

the green team









twilight —

not even the dog

can find the pallina






girls against guys —

who knew

white wine improves your aim?









late August —

she switches 

my fan to low speed


[Aug. 24, 2005]  










no impatiens this year —


the lazy neighbor


      [Aug. 23, 2005]














rounding the curve —

an almost-full moon

rolls back into view

[Aug.22, 2005]  










the power boat’s wake —

a pair of ducks

gets goosed



[Aug. 21, 2005]











end of August —

bees shun

the wrinkled roses


      [Aug. 20, 2005]









something I said?

the cricket’s

gone, too


        [Aug. 19, 2005]











six ducks

on a river log —

seven dawdlers

 [Aug. 18, 2005]      








bathtub cricket,

where do you go

while I shower?


         [Aug. 17, 2005]  




                       “assembly agita”:


“easy to assemble
I put it back and
grab a teddybear






first night on campus —

mom’s gone 

and the bed’s still in its box







setting up the creche —

the Baby’s name

whispered over and over



[Aug. 17, 2005]








after the rain —

a three-quarter moon

over the closed five-n-dime



    [Aug. 16, 2005]










shopping for sweet corn —

the attractive stranger

is very choosy


              [Aug. 15, 2005]









sunday night rain —

the church lady curses

headlights with halos


      [Aug. 14, 2005]











lemon-ice stand —

the lawyer-dad looks for

a Brain Freeze Warning


             [Aug. 13, 2005]










the old couple’s legs –

skinny and white as


[Aug. 12, 2005]










from the shower,

a sad love song —

bathtub cricket



[Aug. 11, 2005]











firefly season ends —

the freshman

packs her car



     [Aug. 10, 2005, for megan & katie]










a golden sliver of moon —

her wedding ring




        [Aug. 9, 2005]









rattle, whir, hum —

three-fan night

in August


[Aug. 8, 2005]










balmy Sunday —

alone indoors

with one fat housefly



            [Aug. 7, 2005]





first-date daisies

she never mentions

they’re wilting


             [Aug. 6, 2005]




the grocery bag spills

blueberries . . . . . . r    o    l     l

bananas don’t


           [Aug. 5, 2005]









her thirty-year-old

photo — my nag finishes

out of the money

[Aug.4, 2005]  





postcard sunset —








                  [Aug. 3, 2005]









the sweaty tenant

the sweating

toilet seat



            [Aug. 2, 2005]










stars fading –

she says I resemble

that aging actor



[Aug. 1, 2005]  








two squirrels play tree tag —

slow moving

Saturday night



[Aug. 1, 2005]  



baring a tan line

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It’s time for some Alice in August:


summer’s end . . .
the staggered heights
of black umbrellas







late summer–
baring the tan line
on my wrist






late August –
pushing through cornstalks
midnight raccoons



summer’s end” – The Heron’s Nest (April 2002)

“late summer” – The Heron’s Nest (Sept. 2001)

“late August” – Honourable mention Betty Drevniok contest 2001





the old couple’s legs —

skinny and pale as


[Aug. 12, 2005]





tiny check George Wallace is always trying to make insurance law interesting over

at Declarations & Exclusions, while also attempting to remain even-

handed.  He succeeds at both more often than you  might expect.  Earlier

this week he even buttered up the California Insurance Commissioner,

who had sniffed out fraud at a well-known L.A. waffle house.


tiny check Massachusetts Lawyers’ Weekly has a wrap-up of the new pay-raise law,

with quotes from many of the interested parties.  See “Bar advocates return

in droves, crisis averted: Legislature passes pay-raise bill”  (by Tony Wright,

Aug. 8, 2005).   Also, in a letter to the MLW editor, attorney Deborah Sirotkin-

Butler advises a “wait and see” approach to the new legislation.


summer ethics reading suggestions

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The Endnotes column of the current Litigation Ethics Newsletter asks

three legal ethics experts, plus the guy formerly known as ethicalEsq,

“What books do you recommend to other litigators interested in legal ethics?”

(Summer 2005, compiled by Amy Gardner of Skadden Arps).  Because the

Newsletter is only available online to members of ABA’s Section of Litigation,

I thought I’d compile the selections here, with links: 


lawyer cellphone small flip  John Steele of Legal Ethics Forum suggests “two great summer page-turners

that are chock full of ethics issues,” plus two with “more explicit discussion of ethics:”

by Gary Delsohn

The Informant: A True Story (2001), by Kurt Eichenwald  

Lawyers Crossing Lines: Nine Stories of Greed, Disloyalty, and

Betrayal of Trust (2001), by James L. Kelley

by Milton C Regan


Brad Wendel of Cornell Law School, another Legal Ethics Forum contributor, offers 

“some of the classics of legal ethics” — which establish “standards of right and wrong

action that do not depend on being enacted as positive law.”

The Good Lawyer, by David Luban (Editor)

Lawyers and Justice, by David Luban (1988)

Ethics for Adversaries, by Arthur Isak Applbaum (2000)

The Practice of Justice, by William H. Simon (2000)  

Kronman (1995)  


David E. Springer of Skadden Arps suggests Aristotle’s Rhetoric, “which makes a   lawyer cellphone small

powerful case for adherence to ethical norms by linking personal character to persuasion,

the object of advocacy.”


David Giacalone of f/k/a (to no one’s surprise) recommends The Betrayed Profession:

Lawyering at the End of the Twentieth Century, by Sol M. Linowitz, with Martin Mayer

(1994).  The book is “Linowitz’s attempt to show what our profession should be, how it

has gone so profoundly astray, and what we (who betrayed it) can do about it — as individuals,

as bar associations, and through our courts and schools.” [You can read the first chapter here.] 

p.s.  Hmm. When asked to participate in this project, I understood that

Amy Gardner was asking each of us for the name of one book, with an

explanation of the choice.  Please note that the two non-professors complied,

while the academic types (Brad fulltime, John part-time) went for breadth rather

than depth.   Draw your own conclusions.



atop the scripture
reader’s head…
a katydid


       Kobayashi ISSA,

           translated by David G. Lanoue







new paperback —
the sun sets
without me

     david giacalone 

            from The Heron’s Nest  (March 2005) 





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