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August 17, 2005

the razor wire glints

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maddening heat
      the cicada still singing
      in the crow’s beak







Prison fence:
the razor wire glints
with first light






A fresh bouquet
at the gravestone with the name
worn away



“A fresh bouquet” & “Prison fence” – Simply Haiku (Sept. 2003, I:3)

“maddening heat” – The Heron’s Nest (editor’s choice, Feb. 2002)


bathtub cricket,

where do you go

while I shower?


[Aug. 17, 2005]  


trashman small Ann Althouse asks “Do the departing college kids just

throw all their crap at the curb in your town?”  They apparently do it 

everywhere.  If you have to be a curmudgeon to complain about 

it, then call me curmudgeonEsq!  As usual, I wonder why so many

teachers, parents and advocates want to make excuses for so-called

adult students — and ask so little of them.



                                                                                             trashman small flip 

“assembly agita”

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Although most of our dads were quite handy around

the house, a lot of my Italo-American male friends

are tool-challenged — as are my law colleagues.  So,

I was a little surprised that the phrase “assembly agita

yielded no results in a Google search.  This post is

meant to cure that oversight.  [I think I’ll throw in

assembly angst,” too.]


The subject was on my mind, because my twin  computer weary

brother came home yesterday from a colonoscopy

(with good results, thank you) to find that the brand

new computer system had arrived for his at-home

law office.  Being a solo with no staff, setting up his

computer will be his sole responsibility — unless his

(much more handy) spouse has mercy on him.  He’s

also switching from dial-up to DSL.   You don’t have

to have twinnie telepathy to feel a bit of empathy for

his plight.


Good luck, Bro’.  I’m three hundred miles away,

and feel better knowing that I’d only be in the way,

if I showed up to “help”.

  • I wish Ann, Eugene, or Michael, would figure

    out a way to assert our constitutional 

    right Peaceably to Assemble. 


Naturally, dagosan had a few thoughts on this subject:



“easy to assemble
I put it back and
grab a teddybear




first night on campus —

mom’s gone 

and the bed’s still in its box



holy family




setting up the creche —

the Baby’s name

whispered over and over



 dagosan [Aug. 17, 2005]



p.s. To my haijin friends:  If you have haiku or senryu to

contribute on this topic, please send them along via the

comment box or email.


living in harmony —

sparrows in the eaves also

set up house


              ISSA, translated by David G. Lanoue



better late

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I apologize for posting our daily haiku so late today. 

Prof. Yabut monopolized my keyboard all day.


I’m pleased to announce that five of f/k/a’s Honored Guests   announcer

have been honored in the 9th Mainichi International Haiku Contest (2005)


Second Prizes in the International (English) section went to:



winter night
firemen coil
smoke-scented rope


        john stevenson






a long fly ball
arcs above the moon
summer deepens


         ed markowski 


Honorable Mention went to:


fading stars—
something of my father
in the bobwhite’s call

         peggy lyles 



dry air—
the dog shaking off
the ocean

       gary hotham


plum gathering
through thick branches
pieces of sky

        roberta beary


daylilyG  For your late-night enjoyment, I also want to point out that the

Autumn 2005 edition of Simply Haiku journal is now available online. It

presents haiku and other short-form Japanese poetry by many fine haijin,

including five haiku each by two friends of f/k/a — the ubiquitous and

prolific Ed Markowski and the always-curious Bret Wooldridge (who has

a wife and 6 daughters, but still doesn’t know what women want).


Here’s another gem from Mr. Markowski, first published at

tinywords (May 20, 2004):


morning moon
the nooks and crannies
of an english muffin



  • by dagosan                                               

after the rain —

a three-quarter moon

over the closed five-n-dime



[Aug. 16, 2005]





boxerSignN Things got a little rowdy today over at the Legal Underground cafe. 

Evan’s regulars got a bit worked up over Ted and Walter‘s take on the Stella

Awards and the related L.A. Times series. 





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