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August 17, 2005

“assembly agita”

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Although most of our dads were quite handy around

the house, a lot of my Italo-American male friends

are tool-challenged — as are my law colleagues.  So,

I was a little surprised that the phrase “assembly agita

yielded no results in a Google search.  This post is

meant to cure that oversight.  [I think I’ll throw in

assembly angst,” too.]


The subject was on my mind, because my twin  computer weary

brother came home yesterday from a colonoscopy

(with good results, thank you) to find that the brand

new computer system had arrived for his at-home

law office.  Being a solo with no staff, setting up his

computer will be his sole responsibility — unless his

(much more handy) spouse has mercy on him.  He’s

also switching from dial-up to DSL.   You don’t have

to have twinnie telepathy to feel a bit of empathy for

his plight.


Good luck, Bro’.  I’m three hundred miles away,

and feel better knowing that I’d only be in the way,

if I showed up to “help”.

  • I wish Ann, Eugene, or Michael, would figure

    out a way to assert our constitutional 

    right Peaceably to Assemble. 


Naturally, dagosan had a few thoughts on this subject:



“easy to assemble
I put it back and
grab a teddybear




first night on campus —

mom’s gone 

and the bed’s still in its box



holy family




setting up the creche —

the Baby’s name

whispered over and over



 dagosan [Aug. 17, 2005]



p.s. To my haijin friends:  If you have haiku or senryu to

contribute on this topic, please send them along via the

comment box or email.


living in harmony —

sparrows in the eaves also

set up house


              ISSA, translated by David G. Lanoue



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