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August 18, 2005

up to my ankles

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Here are a few reasons why I became a haiku advocate  —

by a modern master, jim kacian:




just now
as my life turns crazy





ground fog
up to my ankles
in moonlight





the stars sink
into the sand



the river
         the river makes
   of the moon




city morning
a crane lifts its shadow
up the wall






in concert
the violin soloist
and his shadows




six ducks

on a river log —

seven dawdlers

 [Aug. 18, 2005]                     







I had to smile today, when I read Steve Bainbridge‘s

self-proclaimed “rant”, which includes:

“this is probably what bugs me most about some

liberals: smug self-satisfaction in their own moral


This from a man who has repeatedly asserted that it is

impossible to have a strong moral code or sense of social

responsibility outside of a religious context.  And, who

believes his own Church has the definitive answer to

every moral question.   Maybe that old psychological

saw is true — we most dislike in others what we most

dislike about ourselves.   However,  I have promised

myself I would steer clear of controversy and judgment-

alism for the duration of this weblog, so I shall end this

blurb — and try a little introspection. 







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