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August 23, 2005

not fade away

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of the red canvas awning
not faded

in the appliance store doorway
calling a Maytag box

city lights
trying to make out
the constellations

… by Carolyn Hall – from the haibun “Protective Coloration”
in The Loose Thread: RMA 2001; orig., stone frog

no impatiens this year –  napper gray sm
the lazy neighbor

… by dagosan [Aug. 23, 2005]


tiny check Why does Prof. Bainbridge have to go and ruin a perfectly valid point by needlessly slinging mud?   Today, in a post concerning the firing of Michael Graham by ABC Radio, he correctly explains:

“The First Amendment limits only the power of government, in general. The First Amendment, absent state action, therefore generally does not prohibit a private employer from firing one of its employees.”

But, then, Steve just had to say:

“This sort of rights talk, claiming to have Constitutional protections one obviously lacks, is particularly disappointing coming from a conservative. . . . My point is only that I hate to see conservatives invoking the lex-centric rights language of the left rather than relying on markets and politcs for redress.”

The mistaken invocation of the First Amendment against private action is something that every American has heard since birth. [Try living with a teenager and see how often you face such arguments.]  Those who erroneously believe that all Americans have the right to say whatever they want whenever they want come from all walks of life and all ideologies and parties.   Indeed, most of the 1st Amendment ignorati wouldn’t know an ideology if it bit them on their bainbridge.   It is basic ignorance of the meaning of the Bill of Rights [which Prof. B appears to believe was given that name by a leftwing cabal, which hoped to indoctrinate the populace and fool a few judges] and not some liberal worldview that causes most Americans to decry private forms of “censorship” as unAmerican.

sunlit shallows
a frog burrows deeper
into the mud

…… by Carolyn Hall – Snapshots  #10 (2004)

tiny check I think even Steve Bainbridge would agree that today’s NYT articleScientists Speak Up on Mix of God and Science” is quite evenhanded. (by Cornelia Dean, Aug. 23, 2005).

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