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August 27, 2005

walking in someone else’s sneakers

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Last night, I stumbled across a cache of  selected poems by w.f. owen.

Since I never seem to have enough haiku and senryu to use here at

f/k/a by Dr. Bill, I was very pleased.  Naturally, I had to share a few right





family reunion   

new shoelaces   

in old sneakers    







shaking out  

the picnic blanket    

first stars  








long day  

his finger slows   

the spinning globe    



“family reunion” Acorn #5 (2000)

“shaking out” & “long day” – Two Autumns Reading (HPNC, S.F., 2003)



clearing out 

the spider webs —

again, I spare the cricket

              [Aug. 27, 2005]




tiny check  Bravo to Jeremy Richey, who explains here (“Some People,” Aug.  devil g

21,  2005) why he wants to be a public defender.   JR was inspired by a

post at ambivalent imbroglio that asks why public defenders often

see all prosecutors as evil.  I’m always taken aback when any group

of people tries to paint all of their opponents as bad or somehow

subhuman.  I guess the fear and hatred of “the other” is deeply

entrenched in human nature.  Still, we all need to aspire to a better




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