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August 30, 2005

upsetting the ballast of nature

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!!!  Please don’t fear that yesterday’s posts agreeing with Prof. Bainbridge will

unduly upset the balance of nature.  This morning, I quickly found something

disagreeable at his website — a bit of self-promotion bragging that L.A. Times

columnist Tim Rutten called Steve’s analysis of Catholic teachings relevant to

judges “precise” and “convincing”.  I couldn’t resist leaving a Comment reminding

Prof. B, with some quick examples from our prior post, that his analysis actually

was incomplete and muddied waters that had been quite clear. 

boxerSignN   Stay tuned!  An email from Steve suggests that

he is quite upset that I would imply he’s left things

purposefully muddy concerning Church teachings.

update (Midnite): Prof. B. and I continue the discussion

in earnest in the comments to his Self-Promotion post.

tiny check  Wish I could be there:  There will be an AEI panel discussion on Sept. 7th

in D.C. on the meaning of the $253 Million Vioxx Verdict.  Prospective (and 

contingent) Vioxx billionaire plaintiff’s lawyer Evan Schaeffer will be on

the panel, along with Overlawyered’s Ted Frank.  Evan will speak on the

effects of Ernst v. Merck on the jury system.


tiny check  Today’s NYT op-ed by John Tierney is right on target: special hybrid-car lanes

on  highways are likely to have the net effect of “dirtier air and more gasoline

consumption.” (“The Road to Hell Is Clogged With Righteous Hybrids,” Aug. 30,

2005)  High-ocupancy toll (HOT) lanes make much more sense.  See this CATO

Which reminds me:  besides Hawaii’s risky attempt  gas pump g 

to control petroleum prices (perhaps meant to be an

object lesson in economics and civics for its populace),

there seems to be a lot more talk of consumers holding

gas boycotts.  Please see our prior post on silly one-day


  • by dagosan                                               

sticky sunrise —

waking to an empty

ice cream carton


                     [Aug. 30, 2005]



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