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September 1, 2005

closed eyelids

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Like the f/k/a gang, the folks at The Heron’s Nest

enjoy the haiku of Alice Frampton.  Here’s a pair

from today’s new THN, and one from 2002:




the slap of a beaver tail
at twilight








dead calf
a mother licks
the wind  









moving day–

warm rain

on cardboard





dead calf” & “mosquitos” – The Heron’s Nest (Sept. 2005)

“moving day” – New Resonance 3: ; The Heron’s Nest (2002)



supine under blue skies —

behind closed eyelids

a blood-red ocean

[Sept. 1, 2005]


tiny check There’s a lively debate in the blawgiverse on whether  pirateS

looters in New Orleans should be shot on sight.  Ted

Frank has a round-up at Point of Law, and makes pro-

shooting arguments.  Norm Pattis disagrees at C&F.

This is too heavy for me to think about today.

update (5 PM): Steve Bainbridge makes what seems

to be a very logical distinction between shooting armed

looters in self-defense and shooting unarmed ones.   I

would also think that private citizens especially have no

right to shoot looters except to protect their own homes

and families.  As usual, I am turned off by the propensity

of so many weblog Commentors to spew such hated and

lack of respect.


tiny check  After some rabid ACLUphobes struck Glen Reynolds

for their blogrolls, Eugene Volokh, in The ACLU and Me:,

admits that he’s done some work for the ACLU, too, 

(despite frequently disagreeing with them).  Bravo,

Prof. V.


gas pump g  Regular gas broke the $3/gallon mark for the first time

in our region (literally) overnight — jumping 20 cents or more at

some convenience store pumps, and getting as high as $3.17.

So, I actually felt relief this morning when my usual station

“only” charged $2.869 per gallon.




this nest’s not empty

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September 1st!  Summer’s almost gone, but I have no (r)egrets — the

fall edition of The Heron’s Nest (Vol. VII:3, Sept. 2005) is now online.

Each new edition of THN gets my juices flowing — because there are

always so many great haiku, and because many of them will be written

by poets who are f/k/a Honored Guests, which means I can share them

with you directly.


“THNLogoG”   Indeed, the Heron’s Nest Award for this edition — the 

haiku chosen by the editor’s as the “best” of the brood — goes to 

paul m, one of our earliest and favorite guest poets.  Here’s his 

winning poem (and here’s excellent Commentary on it by Peggy 

Willis Lyles):  




the uneven edge

of a quahog shell



Career issues may have been on paul’s mind a lot lately.

This second haiku also appears in the current THN:



daffodil shoots —
all these years
as an accountant



It’s always an honor to have two poems selected “thnLogoF” 

for a single edition of The Heron’s Nest.  Paul had

that honor last June, too, when this pair were




drifting seed fluff . . .
the rented horse
knows an hour’s worth










unpacking a new home —
do whales strand themselves
in this bay?



unemployed” – The Heron’s Nest (THN Award, Sept. 2005)

daffodil shoots” – The Heron’s Nest (Sept. 2005)

unpacking” & “drifting seed fluff – The Heron’s Nest (June 2005)



dandelionClock I’ll be dawdling down at The Heron’s Nest a lot the next few days.

Maybe I’ll see you there.


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