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September 3, 2005

staying close to home

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An energy crisis is keeping me close to home this holiday weekend —

not gasoline lines or price-gouging, though.  Just plain-old, too-pooped-

to-party-or-picnic, lazybones listlessness.  Luckily, I don’t have to go

far to find some great haiku to share here at f/k/a.  Yu Chang lives right

up the road here in Schenectady (across from our lovely Central Park),

and John Stevenson lives right down the road in nearby Nassau, NY.

Without further ado or exertion, here are two Honored Guests from

the New York Capital Region:


evening light
a loaf of bread
on the cutting board






apple blossoms
my breathing
has been shallow








empty bottle

a few words

I would like to take back




evening light” & “apple blossoms” – The Heron’s Nest (Sept. 2005)

“empty bottle” – Upstate Dim Sum  (2002/I)






afternoon sun

the wake of a mallard

flickers on the birch








duck pond

making small talk

with strangers









Central Park

the echo of her voice

in every direction



afternoon sun” – The Heron’s Nest (Sept. 2005)

“duck pond” and “Central Park” – Upstate Dim Sum  (2002/I)




lazy slugs —

one in the hammock

watching one on the ground


                            [Sept. 3, 2005]


dogFanG  potluck

My search for potluck material only got as far as my Keyword Activity

StatCounter page.  Here are a few results I thought were interesting:


Sept. 3, 2005


happiest lawyers> The #1 result out of 150,000 in this Google

Search was our post Globe Probe of Lawyer Angst (August 18, 2003).

A few months ago, we were 4th for “unhappy lawyers”.  Is this progress?



ceiling fan” turns on “by itself”>  This #1 result (out of 512) in a

Google Search is surely “inadvertent.”  It is thanks to this senryu from

chess men in boxes . . .

the cafe’s ceiling fan

turns by itself


being ethical in business means nothing more than obeying the law>

We had the first two Google results, out of 382,000, for this amoral search.

Of course, our statement said it takes far more than just following the rules of

lawyer conduct to be an ethical lawyer. 



Antitrust law protects competition not competitors> One of our posts

on the unlawful joint boycotts by Massachusetts’ bar advocates was the

3rd result in this Google search, behind two from the Antitrust Division of

the U.S. Department of Justice. Our friends at the American Antitrust Institute

did not show up until #41.  Another amazing search engine result for a tiny

(but, apparently well-connected — thank you) weblog. 



Sept. 2, 2005

effect of speed on gas mileage>   This important topic is a little bit off-    55 limit n

topic for f/k/a, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of our two blurbs

on the subject was in the 4th slot out of 480,000 in this Yahoo! Search.  By the way,

as we stated in a post on June 14, 2005, “driving at 10 miles an hour above the 65

miles-per-hour limit increases fuel consumption by 15 percent.”  Please take this

as a gentle nag to drive more slowly and save both gas and lives.



napper gray sm




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