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September 6, 2005

summer and Katrina still on my mind

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a sunken barge

rusting in the shallows–

summer afternoon



                                          dragonflies gray

a spot of sunlight–             

on a blade of grass the dragonfly

changes its grip









silent prayer–

the quiet humming

of the ceiling fan









summer morning –

a withered bluebell

loggers left behind




fence painter


summer harbor–

each boat pointing

to the storm







prairie farmhouse–

two empty lawn chairs

facing the blacktop









his room empty now . . .

in the distance, points of light

on the interstate






midday heat

the staccato staccato

of a nail gun



“a spot of sunlight,” “silent prayer” & “his room empty now” – Fresh Scent

“prairie farmhouse” – Frogpond XXVII: 1; “summer morning” – Global Haiku

“a sunken barge” – snow on the water: rma 1998; Modern Haiku XXIX: 3

“summer harbor” – pegging the wind: rma 2002; Haiku International Anthology

“midday heat” – tug of the current: rma 2004; Modern Haiku XXXV:1




  • by dagosan                                         

waking up from Labor Day–

the birdsong and breezes

of Spring



                          [Sept. 6, 2005]




eKeySembarrassment:  If you saw my introduction of haiku poet Lee Gurga

on Aug. 30th, you know that I very much respect him and his work.  Naturally,

I hoped that he was pleased with the first f/k/a post featuring Lee as an Honored

Guest Poet.   He and I have never met and had our first contact by email less than

two weeks ago.  You can probably appreciate how embarrassing it was for me to

receive an email from him on Saturday, saying “Is this a joke? Every time I try to

pornographic website.”  Neither he nor I found this predicament to be amusing.  I

had no explanation other than his browser having be “hijacked” by some sort of

computer virus.   Of course, I immediately pled not guilty.   Later in the day, when

Lee tried repeatedly to get access to the post, he found that he could not access

this site at all — an annoying problem that seems to happen a lot with our webserver

(are you listening Harvard Webmasters?).  It’s all pretty frustrating.  

  • Having typed out this vent, I just thought how petty it is compared to the

    post-Katrina world of hundreds of thousands of Americans.   I’m going to

    leave this blurb here to remind me of my many blessings.  


tiny check If it weren’t for Prof. B., I would not have known that Jennifer Tilly  rummy

is now a star Poker Player.   I’ve been trying to remember the first

movie in which I saw Ms. Tilly.  Checking her filmography at IMDB,

my memory was refreshed —  it was The Fabulous Baker Boys in 1989,

as “Monica” Moran.   I definitely remember her role in Woody Allen’s

Bullets Over Broadway, for which she received an Oscar nomination

(Supporting Actress) in 1994.  Steve Bainbridge apparently is not a big 

fan of her role as Tiffany in recent Chucky movies.  I’ve never seen 

or heard her in them, so I can’t disagree with Prof. B.   Of course, I’ve

had a crush for a long time on her very talented little sister, Meg Tilly.



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