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September 7, 2005

eddie’s homework

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Little Eddie Markowski must have been one of those kids

who finished every test waaaay ahead of the rest of the class,

and then got an A+.    As an adult, he creates mountains of

enjoyable (and even admirable) haiku and senryu faster than

your teenage son polishes off a quart of orange juice — often,

in between performing his other workplace duties.  (Yes, I am



Inspired by today’s back to school sale posting, Ed has      blackboard abcN

peppered its Comment box with a steady stream of poems.

I suggest you click here to enjoy all of them.   Here’s a sampler

of his homework on this first evening of the school year:





first day of school

the bus arrives

with fresh graffitti






first day

my first apple






blackboard abc


second day

my second apple

a granny smith






new dress code

the entire basketball team








candlelight flickers

on her history book


by ed markowski                                                                                





holding on to summer

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We have had the best weather of the summer over the past week

here in Schenectady (blue skies, not too hot, not too humid).  I’m

very reluctant to think about the all-too-imminent arrival of cold

weather here in Upstate New York.


So, let’s find a piece of nature and take a stroll with our Honored Guest

paul m, using his award-winning book finding the way.


summer’s end—

riding a borrowed bicycle

past the graveyard




noisy jays

blueberries twist easily

from their stems






no moon as yet

mosquitoes rising

over a field








last picnic

stones along the riverbed

give way to sand




paul m from finding the way: haiku and field notes (Press Here, 2002) 

I’m sorry to say that this wonderful little book, which won the  coyote moon sf

Haiku Society of America’s 2003 Merit Award for the Best Book of

Haiku published in 2002, is currently out of print.  I shall be sharing

many of its 55 haiku here at f/k/a, and will let you know when the 2nd 

printing is available.  The book  is reviewed by Tom Clausen in Modern



back to school sale (tax-free, too)

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back to school

tiny ants swarm

a wad of gum

from New Resonance 3 ; Brocade of Leaves







first day of term

her new school uniform

bright in the mist

Snapshots Calendar 2001



school bus





on the bus

the teenager pulls out a mirror

and adjusts her pout


                  George Swede 

                  from Almost Unseen 






new dean

all blackboards

turn white


        Yu Chang

        from Upstate Dim Sum 






                                                                       blackboard abc







school starts —

bus stop horseplay 

wakes the empty-nester


                          dagosan, Sept. 7, 2004








first fist fight

the taste of blood

in my mouth


        w.f. owen 

           from frogpond XXVII: 3




new kindergarten class  —

hiccupping sobs

from several moms


                Sept. 7, 2005


update (10 P.M.):  Check out eddie’s homework for more

back-to-school haiku and senryu.




blackboard abcN  Did you have a terrible dread in grammar and high school, whenever

faced with the start of the new school year?  I sure did.  What I’m amazed at, all these

years later, is that I still haven’t quite learned that most things are nowhere near

as terrible as we fear they will be. 

Tangent (4 PM):  Even I was a bit surprised, a few minutes ago, to discover

that one of our posts is the first result (out of more than 2.5 million) for

the Yahoo! Search of teach humility>. Our post discussed the inability

of some new lawyers to cooperate with and learn from experienced members 

of the support staff.  See They Don’t Teach Humility in Law School.


tiny check Volokh Conspiracy‘s Todd Zywicki points today to a very good article from the 

liberal, student Darmouth Free Press.  It’s called How the Old Left Hurts America,

by Andrew Seal, and contains many good ideas and much that is quotable.  Here’s

an example:

Constant reappraisals of the faults, blunders, and purposeful wrongs of

the Bush administration, while they have an important place in political

debate, do not move us anywhere. They stagnate us as a party and they

stagnate America. Without a clear and forward-thinking attitude of ?what

more should be done?? and ?is this the best we, or they, have to offer

America?? we are not inviting America to go in any direction, we are

asking them to sit and watch the ugly spectacle.


tiny check Meanwhile, VC‘s David Bernstein raises an issue of fashion sense that has long

haunted me:  How can the habit of wearing hats backward still be in fashion — even

for guys over 30 — after more than two decades?    In a similar vein, a couple weeks

ago, I asked a friend:  What must it be like when your father figure wears pants with

the crotch situated below his knees? 


                                                                                                                                                                school busN



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