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September 9, 2005

from catnip to Kinky

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spring-like day
the cat grapples
with a catnip bird









the tulips
wide open 





rain-streaked windows
    how to paint
    the finch’s song








sunlit shallows

a frog burrows deeper

into the mud



froglegs    Carolyn Hall 

“sunlit shallows” –  Snapshots  #10 (2004)

spring-like day” – The Heron’s Nest (2004)

Arlington” & “rain-streaked windows” – The Heron’s Nest (Sept. 2005) 




outdoor art show —

three agnostics pray

the rain will stop 




                  [Sept. 9, 2005]




tiny check Lyin’s Din?    Evan Schaeffer has posted about his adventures at the 

AEI Wednesday panel “The $253 Million Vioxx Verdict: What Does It Mean?”

Evan says he Survived the Lion’s Den, where he was the lone “plaintiff’s lawyer”

on the panel, but was treated graciously by his hosts, including Ted Frank.  Evan

has compiled related links (but offered no juicy gossip, beyond relaying that Dan

Troy of Sidley Austin seemed visibly upset with Evan).


KinkyLogo  This morning, I lingered at the official website of Kinky Friedman‘s

Independent campaign to be the governor of Texas, along with his accompanying

weblog.   It’s no surprise that Kinky, known for his Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, 

is working hard to help animals in need after Katrina.  He’ll be raising money for the

cause during a House Party Across Texas, on Sept. 16th and 17th.    


At the KINKY Friedman: Why the Hell Not? weblog, there’s A Message from Kinky 

(Sept. 8, 2005) that I believe is worth repeating here:

A Message from Kinky  


I wish to express my sincerest sympathy to those who lost

loved ones, homes, jobs or hope as a result of hurricane Katrina.  


We should keep in mind that from every tragedy emerges valuable

knowledge for our future, allowing us to correct those things that

didn’t work as well as they might have. There also arises a Phoenix-

like renewal of faith in the human spirit, when people give of themselves

and their resources to help.   . . .


I cannot imagine a United States without New Orleans. As a Texan,

I look forward to the rebuilding of our neighbor with its great fun, food,

 music and culture.


God bless the people and animals of New Orleans.


s/Kinky Friedman,

Independent Candidate for Texas Governor 2006

There’s a lot of political insight and hijinx from the Kinkster at the website.  So far, though,

they haven’t adopted my suggested motto: Kinky: He puts the goober in gubernatorial!


                                                                                                                                             kinky pix  KinkyMug 2



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