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September 10, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — September 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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fine print on her t-shirt –

she glares at me

for squinting


[Sept. 30, 2005]  











autumn crosswalk         

leaves and a garbage can

hurry past


[Sept. 29, 2005]







for two weeks,

one lone duck at the river–

death or divorce?



                          [Sept. 28, 2005]






three-years’ worth

of cobwebs — first,

he dusts off the Swiffer



                  [Sept. 27, 2005]





“can I ask you a question?”

“you just did” –

the law student ducks



              [Sept. 27, 2005]



not quite October:

holly wreaths fill 

the sweet corn bins

              [Sept. 26, 2005]







“they change color and fall off”

the grandkid explains

leaves and hairs



                   [Sept. 25, 2005]










Riverside Faire

one white balloon

floats past two brown ducks



[Sept. 24, 2005]










big hurricane  –

holding my breath


                          [Sept. 23, 2005]







“duck pond” 

the geese gang

have the most turf

                                  [Sept. 22, 2005]  






first day of fall

     pumpkin pie

           from scratch





autumn equinox–

biting into

the last moon cake





autumn equinox —

awaking to

summer’s last cricket



[Sept. 21, 2005]








five crew sculls

dance with the sun —

the duck never looks up


[Sept. 21, 2005]  








scraping and scraping

his shoe —

curses for a nameless cur





the rose garden past its peak —

bending to sniff,

his bald spot shows



[Sept. 19, 2005]  








city street corner –

the cricket, and I

and the harvest moon


[Sept. 18, 2005]





three-headed stranger  –

on his shoulders a pumpkin

and a harvest moon 








double-dribble —

harvest moon hanging

on the rim







harvest moon tonight  —

the hostess stares

at the cloud cover 







throwing stones at the

full orange moon —

the river recomposes






a nightlight

for our Gulf Coast friends —

Harvest Moon 2005





night game —

bocce balls kissing

the harvest moon



[Sept. 17, 2005]






bocce party tonight —

first, a round of

pooper scooping



[Sept. 16, 2005]








a crack of lightning —

a dash

to unplug the computer


[Sept. 15, 2005]





of a harvest moon –

called out stealing home


[Sept. 14, 2005]











the ten-year-old

lets dad win


                          [Sept. 13, 2005]




long red light–

she dusts

the dashboard



[Sept. 11, 2005]


outdoor art show —

watching the people

and the river





on display:

her paintings

and her navel

 [Sept. 10, 2005]





outdoor art show —

three agnostics pray

the rain will stop 




                  [Sept. 9, 2005]



migraine —

blue sky

behind closed blinds



                  [Sept. 8, 2005]







new kindergarten class  —

hiccupping sobs

from several moms


                [Sept. 7, 2005]






waking up from Labor Day–

the birdsong and breezes

of Spring



                          [Sept. 6, 2005]



law office picnic —

the ump consults

his Blackberry


                          [Sept. 5, 2005]


lazy slugs —

one in the hammock

watching one on the ground


                            [Sept. 3, 2005]




after Hurricane Kristina:


waving from rooftops —

another party

in the French Quarter?








Labor Day cookout:

no one brought

the hotdogs






convention center —

potty parity

in New Orleans





treading water:

“keep your chin up”

he says




[Sept. 2, 2005]




green lawn under blue sky —

behind closed eyelids

a blood-red ocean

[Sept. 1, 2005]

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