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September 16, 2005

muzzle him!

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 1:25 pm

. . . no, not Schumer or Hatch or any other members of the Senate Judiciary

Committee.  An ad in Metroland (“the alternative newspaper  of the NY Capital

Region”) suggests that wives may wish to muzzle their Mr. [Always] Right.




The ad (see it full-sized here), proclaims:



It could happen to anyone; you

married a know-it-all!


When you just can’t take it any

more, reach for your MuzzleMate!

Then, sit back and enjoy the silence!


Go to MuzzleMate.net for more info.

I know a lot of wives who might want this item and even more husbands

who need it.  Unfortunately, putting http://www.muzzlemate.net/ into

your browser will only get you a “page cannot be found” message.  Now,

I’m not suggesting this as a alternative, but http://www.muzzlemate.com

offers you an ingenious and safe way to clean a dirty bore — the original

MuzzleMate, a clamp-on firearm splatter shield.  [Of course, Evan’s ever-

patient Andrea would never want either of these products.]


If you’re feeling frustrated or guilty, a few senryu about married life

from Tom Clausen should help make things better:




my wife admits
she is not perfect,
but is glad I am




        on the wall
    Jesus on the cross
above her side of the bed





she’s waited up …
to have some last words
with me


from Homework (Snapshot Press 2000) order it here

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