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September 21, 2005

rushing the season

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If you’re like me, you prefer autumn to summer.  Nevertheless,

the start of the fall season makes me a little worried about

the rapid appearance of winter and the big holiday season.

That feeling is increased, when I see giant displays of decorated

Christmas trees already arrayed in department stores.


As long as my brain is bent on rushing through autumn, I thought

I’d let Michael Dylan Welch be my guide:




late afternoon sun—
jumping in the leaf pile
to hear the crunch





apples picked
and the casket chosen —
lingering sunset







leaves turning —
the toboggan hanging
in the dark garage







first cold neg   

click here for the photo-poem





first cold night–

smell of hot dust

from the vent









first date

    letting her

put snow down my neck





Christmas Eve —

bits of a price sticker

stuck on my finger




  “late afternoon sun”  – Thornewood Poems, Captain Haiku’

  “leaves turningThe Heron’s Nest (Sept. 2004)

  “lingering sunset” – The Heron’s Nest (June 2004)

  “first date” – edge of light; south by southeast 10:3

  “first cold night” – Open Window, haiku and photographs

  “Christmas Eve” – The Heron’s Nest (Sept. 2005)





first day of fall

     pumpkin pie

           from scratch





autumn equinox–

biting into

the last moon cake





autumn equinox —

awaking to

summer’s last cricket



[Sept. 21, 2005]


tiny check Ambivalent Imbroglio doesn’t buy the “too much debt” excuse

so many law grads use for avoiding public interest jobs.  We


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tiny check David Hrick has joined the debate at Legal Ethics Forum on whether

unaccredited law schools should be required by law to tell applicants

their attrition and bar-passing rates.  I argue that government intervention

is not appropriate until it’s shown that (1) the information is not available

from the schools or (2) the information is likely to lead to better decision-

making by any significant number of applicants.   I’d also like to know

whether the local or region accrediting bodies have rules similar to the

ABA’s Standard 501(b): “A law school shall not admit applicants who do

not appear capable of satisfactorily completing its educational program

and being admitted to the bar,” its the basic consumer information require-

ments of Standard 509.  See our Homework for Law School Applicants.


tiny check  The Harvest Moon is definitely waning, but I’d like to share this haiku

sent in by Ed Markowski


harvest moon

we carry the scarecrow

to the front porch


     Ed Markowski



                                                                                                          pumpkin neg

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