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September 25, 2005

sleep late and often

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Spending a cloudy Sunday alone can have its

melancholic moments.  However, there are some  

very nice advantages: napping at will; lazily going

through the newspaper; and picking a few newly-

discovered poems by Jim Kacian:





repotting the jade . . .
that I am childless





                                          bees drunk on my wine this flower-filled day







night fishing
bailing the moon
out of the boat





                                                             whiskey I sip it till I love it


“KacianSelf”  Jim Kacian 

“repotting the jade” – Modern Haiku (Winter 2002)

“night fishing” – World Haiku Ass’n bio

“whiskey”  & “bees” – World Haiku Ass’n bio/p.2


they change color and fall off

the grandkid explains

leaves and hairs



                   [Sept. 25, 2005]


tiny check Tort expert John Day explains today how greedy lawyers laughing man small

are causing those terrible hurricanes.  It’s part of John’s

new Sunday Spoof project.  (via Legal Underground)

We hope it’s funnier than our infamous Weakend Specials.



tiny check My debate over at Legal Ethics Forum this week with David

Hricik, over whether we need laws to protect law school

applicants from deceptive marketing by the schools, reminded

me of my post last November on school taglines.  I wonder what

Prof. Hricik thinks about the slogans chosen by the schools in



tiny check The copyright infringement suit by the Authors Guild against

Google raises some very interesting and important issues.  This

afternoon, I finally checked out a few weblogs dealing with the

topic.  There’s a good discussion at Lessig’s Blog, and see EFF,

and madisonian.net.



tiny check  I agree with Jeremy Richey that Barack Obama’s reasons for

voting against Judge Roberts’ nomination are not persuasive.

However, it’s only fair to point out that it is George W. Bush

who is always telling us that he’s looked into someone’s eyes

and seen his soul or his good heart.  Obama gets to make

similar assessments. 


infielderF  Thanks to the Score Bard at the Humbug Baseball Toaster

(hey, I don’t name ’em!), for linking to our baseball haiku page and

reminding me to remind you about it.  Consider yourself reminded.


first red leaves

i swing late

on a change-up


     ed markowski




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