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October 2, 2005

skipping leaf to leaf

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autumn footpath;

on the familiar elm

new initials





that chipmunk again
river sunlight skipping
leaf to leaf




leaves flying


the shelter of a tree—

neither of us knows

the other’s name


“chipmunk” & “shelter” –  finding the way (Press Here, 2002)

“autumn footpath” – A New Resonance 2; Frogpond XX:3 




  • by dagosan                                               

sitting, then standing, 

book in hand —

one gull floats, flies, floats





opening the used book —

someone else’s

coffee stain

[Oct. 2, 2005]




tiny check I didn’t read about the new report on used book sales, by the

Book Industry Study Group, until this morning.  I’m not at all

surprised that the internet has helped create a booming market

for used books — with sales topping $2.2 billion in 2004.  (see

AP/Washington Post, “Used Books are $2 Billion Industry,”

by Hillel Italie, Sept. 28, 2005).  Amazon.com Marketplace,

and eBay have made it possible for large vendors and individuals

to sell used books online.  This has made it easy for all of us to

save a large amount of money by purchasing used books online.

My experiences doing so have been very satisfactory — almost

all of the books purchased by me over the past few years have 

arrives in fine shape and quickly. 


ship to label sm 2


Naturally, the book publishers and writers guild are upset and

concerned about losing sales.  Whether used book sales will

reduce overall sales and profits of new books is a prediction

that I cannot and will not make.   I do know, however, that the

option to purchase used books is a boon for consumers —

especially those without ample disposable income.  You’d

expect the emergence of a cheaper, but virtually identical option

for consumers, to lead to lower prices on new books (which have

a list price that is not particularly connected to actual production

costs).  However, the AP article says that Jane Friedman, CEO

of HarperCollins, “rejects the idea of lowering prices.” 


It is a plus for purchasers of non-educational used books (especially  priceReducedN

novels) that the gimmicks used to combat used textbooks — raising

the prices of new ones and then putting out frequent new editions in

order to make the old ones obsolete — shouldn’t be viable.  It’s a good

and interesting story.  Thank the magic of the internet for the Used Book

Marketplace!  (Find useful weblog discussion at Copyfight, along with

relevant links.)






discovering “everyday issa”

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Sakuo Nakamura, a fellow fan of Kobayashi Issa and his

translator David G. Lanoue, contacted me a few days ago,

happy to learn that Dr. Lanoue is safe after having to flee

New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina.  It took several emails

before Sakuo informed me about his own weblog, called Everyday Issa.  


Sakuo, I have learned, is an accomplished haiga artist.  Haiga is

the combination of an image (painting, drawing, photo, or digital)

with a haiku.  HaigaOnline has featured Sakuo’s work and says:

“Sakuo-san is a retired chemist whose hobbies are painting, haiku

and billiards. His ongoing project is painting haiga from the Haiku-a-

Day feature of David Lanoue’s Haiku of Kobayashi Issa website.”  





David’s English

translation of Issa                              

and surviving…
how cold it is!



Sakuo’s Renku

on the frozen way
going with Buddha


Sakuo has been taking a daily Issa haiku translated by David Lanoue,

translating it back into modern Japanese, painting a related picture, and

then writing a linked verse (called renku) of his own.  Then, he posts 

his work on everyday Issa.  See the original version of “going with

Buddha,” by clicking here.  Even better, spend some time at Sakuo’s

delightful weblog and return frequently.  I certainly shall.  


Who never know who you’re going to meet online and where it will take









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