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October 9, 2005

napping not welching

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Those who come here for cogent commentary may be disappointed with

today’s posting.  A long afternoon nap has only increased my drowsiness,

leaving me unable to work up either a head of pundit steam or a flow of

haiku inspiration. 


napper gray sm  I was about to panic, since I need to head out shortly

for Sunday dinner with friends, until I turned to my trusty StatCounter

Came From page, which yielded two interesting entries for our Inadvertent

Searchee file, plus a lead-in for our Sunday Honored Guest haijin.


You can learn a lot of different things at f/k/a, but you won’t find the answer

even though this post was the #2 result out more than 16 million. 


On the other hand, if you searched the word welched> today at Yahoo!,

and clicked the #1 result, you’d find our post “getting welched,” which had a

few haiku by Michael Dylan Welch and a tiny blurb on etymology and political

correctness.  Here’s one of Michael’s poems from that post (click to see the

related photo):


leaves rustle neg



a table for one–

leaves rustle

in the inner courtyard


          Michael Dylan Welch from open window,

                        an online collection of photo-poems    

And, here are four more haiku from Michael Dylan Welch,

to enhance your day:





a mushroom cap
tilting in the sun—
I feel for my bald spot





before I sit,
I blow an ant
from the stump’s center









a white swan shakes her tail
at last the ripples
reach her mate






dried horseshoe prints
more frequent
by the blackberry bramble




from Thornewood Poems




umbrella vert   from dagosan 


Columbus Day rain  —

first cozy evening

since Spring



[Oct. 9, 2005]


tiny check  We might not have been productive overnight, but

Ed Markowski was, allowing us to add three new

haiku to yesterday’s pumpkin collection.


                                                                                              pumpkin neg

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