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October 15, 2005

carolyn’s a winner (yet again)

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I almost called this post “Hall of Fame.”  When I first introduced

Carolyn Hall at this website, last December, I noted:

Although she first became aquainted with haiku five
years ago, Carolyn has been winning so many haiku
awards (e.g., from Heron’s Nest) that we can’t possibly
list them all.

Carolyn has continued to shine in 2005, as can be seen from
the results of two annual contests held by Snapshots Press.

First, this haiku was selected as the featured poem for June

in Snapshot’s 2006 Haiku Calendar (click to order):



berry branch 

wild berries—
one training wheel
lifts round the curve


Two additional poems by Carolyn were also chosen as Runners-up

selections for the Calendar.   More important, Carolyn’s collection

of haiku, entitled Water Lines, was one of three joint winners in The

Snapshot Press Haiku Collection Competition 2004.  Snapshot

will therefore publish the full collection as an individual volume before

the end of  2005.  Here are four poems from Water Lines, the first

two of which have previously appeared at f/k/a:


slave cemetery
the tug of the current
on willow fronds




                   getting acquainted—
                   I learn another name
                   for wild radish



sunset gray small



baiting one fish
with another
autumn dawn





                    the poultry truck returns
                    with empty cages




“getting acquainted” – 2003 Brady Senryu Competition, Hon. Men., Frogpond XXVII: 1

“slave cemetery” – tug of the current: rma 2004



blue ribbon sm  Congratulations, Carolyn, and thanks again for

sharing your work with f/k/a‘s visitors.


  • by dagosan                                               

class reunion –

the toupee

left home


                  [Oct. 15, 2005]


                                                                                                     berry branch neg


another riutta teaser

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– my apologies to all who hoped to “meet”

andrew riutta here today.   here is another

teaser, and another promise to formally

introduce andrew over the weekend.




rising sun–

the earth just sits there

in a wheelbarrow







it brightens

through the silver maple . . .

cloudy afternoon







a deer’s ribcage

sifts through the breeze–






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