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October 29, 2005

pumpkin place-holder

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Why are you inside on this beautiful Saturday?  Since you’ll have
an extra hour tonight (after turning back your clocks), please come
back later for punditry and one-breath poetry.
pumpkin neg Go here for our pumpkin haiku page.

two wilted pumpkins

and all the candy eaten –

October 30

[See haikupoet.com, Oct. 28, 2005]

perched on
the sumo’s belly —
one large pumpkin
“witchbrewS”  Check out a spooky Halloween haiga
from Matt Morden – click here, if you dare.
tiny check Thanks to the folks at ApartmentTherapy “witchbrewSF”
for linking to our pumpkin haiku page.

update: 10 PM EDT:  Your Editor played too hard — autumn
bocce in the park — and ate too much to do any posting tonight.
Blame Yu and John, who we’ll let do the work this evening:
after the party
I draw
a diagram
autumn rain
in my ways
almost dusk
no dragonfly has settled
on my kayak
afternoon sun
the wake of a mallard
flickers on the birch

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