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November 14, 2005

i.o.u. some haiku

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I haven’t gone this long — nearly 60 hours — without posting new

haiku since f/k/a was unveiled in May 2004.   My only excuse is

that visiting three sets of friends in a week in D.C. has broken my

rhythm and (thankfully) torn me away from my weblogging excesses.


After a long day driving back from my former “adopted home town,”

to my current one, and from the Potomac River back to the Mohawk,

there’s no good reason to wait any longer:



old stomping grounds

the river still follows

its path








his headstone
rises with the moon

above the silence




from Full Moon Magazine (2005) 





  • by dagosan                                               



heading home —  

one hawk

floats over the Beltway









entering New York:

another autumn hill

distracts me









from daylight to dark —

a full moon

out my windshield





hawk flight



gone a week —

quick peek to see

the river’s still there








unloading the car —

the moon

followed me home



                          [Nov. 14, 2005]





earG  I saw a few VanGogh’s at the National Art Gallery

last week.   One of his self-portraits had me humming “it’s

not easy being green” the rest of the day.  Unlike Paul

Miller, I like going off-peak, when there’s no big special

event and no long lines.




hands in pockets–

the wait to view

VanGogh’s sunflowers








unpacking the map

a mountain spring

crosses the trail




“unpacking the map” – inding the way (Press Here, 2002)

“hands in pockets” – Frogpond XXVIII:3 (2005) 


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