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November 15, 2005

an A3G-free posting

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Let the rest of the weblawg world fret over the identity

of “A3G” and the future of UTR, I’ve got more important

things on my mind — like my Indian-Summer hangover

(after a week of 70-degree-days in Washington, DC),

and thoughts of Novembers and impending holiday

seasons past.





traffic light

after the storm, icicles

change hue






Chinese treasures:

the guard positions himself

near the erotica





leaves flying




Zen garden
a dry leaf sticks
in the ripples








Alzheimer’s ward

again father counts

the afghan squares



“traffic light” & “Chinese treasures” –  from the haiku

sequence The Can Collector’s Red Socks (2003)

“alzheimer’s ward” & “zen garden” – from from bottle rockets  



  • by dagosan                                               


gone a week —

only the librarian

says “i missed you”


   [Nov. 15, 2005]

scales rich poor potluck

tiny check  I missed a lot of interesting “stuff” while on my  

quasi-weblog-vacation last week.  If I were posting more, I

would have mentioned that The Fool in the Forest finished

his duty as a juror in L.A. County and was impressed with

how hard the band of twelve worked on a criminal assault


                                                                                                                        leaf gray


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