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November 17, 2005

sitting on her suitcase

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25th anniversary . . .

  she sits on the suitcase

  to zip it shut







mountain butterfly

  from her boulder

  to mine







dawn rain

dripping off autumn leaves

her yawn     my yawn


“mountain butterfly” – Modern Haiku XXXI:2; glimpse of red: rma 2000 

“25th anniversary” – RAW NerZ XII:3; pegging the wind: rma 2002

“dawn rain” – School’s Out (Press Here, 1999) 



waving from the river bank

waving back



               [Nov. 13, 2004]



“prof grace”  Are you risk-seeking tonight? At RiskProf, you will find a

serious  piece  by Ty Leverty explaining why insurance prices are going up

post-Katrina, and a light-hearted post by Martin Grace about

dating services and the regulation thereof.   Steve Bainbridge

certainly does not have a monopoly on things eclectic (nor

Catholic) on the lawprof web.


tiny check  At Houston’s Clear Thinkers, Tom Kirkendall rightly

decries the Texas system for selecting judges — elections — as

utterly unsupportable. (via Overlawyered.com).   Tom supports

an appointment process similar to that used for federal judges

(perhaps with a limited term).  He notes:

“Although a growing number of Texans agree that elections

are not the best way to choose judges, the tendency in Texas

politics is for the party in control of the statehouse to support

the current system because most of the elected judges are from

that party. Inasmuch as the Republicans are now solidly in

control of Texas state government, the GOP state leaders are in

no hurry to change even a flawed system so long as it produces

judges mainly from their party”  .  . . .


“Thus, this is one of those issues where — regardless of your

political affiliation — the right answer is clear. Only a politician

who is more interested in maintaining power than in improving

the administration of justice would support the current flawed


ooh neg As I’ve pointed out previously, we have a similarly lousy system

here in New York.  The chance for reform might be even worse: each

major party is solidly in control of one house of the legislature.  Parties

often cross-nominate each other’s candidate, who is chosen by the

relevant county party chairman.  Here in Schenectady County, we have

had party chairmen choose themselves.  Nice?                                                                                                     yyS

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