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November 21, 2005

gray-to-sunny skies in Rochester

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As is our custom when in Rochester, NY, which is Tom Painting’s

(and dagosan’s) hometown, we celebrate with a few haiku from Tom:


I track her words

across the page
winter lonliness


nursing home
my father
the way I left him


sleepless night
snow to rain
by the sound of it







a skim of ice
above the spillway
quaking aspen


pickup g  Tom Painting   

“sleepless night” – The Heron’s Nest (March 2005)
“I track her words” – Modern Haiku 36:1
“nursing home” – HPNC, hon mention 2004

“a skim of ice” – Frogpon, XXVII: 1




  • by dagosan                                               

home for Thanksgiving —

in my old bed

in the guest room

[Nov. 21, 2005]




tiny check  The newspaper in Rochester, NY, the Democrat & Chronicle,

has an article today on local folk who have sued Merck due to

plaintiffs Vioxx-caused injuries. (“About 100 Monroe [County]

residents file claims against drug’s maker,” Nov. 21, 2005). The

article actually focuses on one plaintiff, who has filed in the NY

Supreme Court, Paul Crowell .  The article shows the difficult

causation issues raised in many Vioxx suits.  It  starts:


ambulance f

“Paul Crowell says he hates “sue-happy” people.But after a blood

clot and a heart attack put Crowell in a 10-day coma and crippled

his left leg, he believed he deserved some payback. “

Later, the article notes: “Crowell, a salesman for a company called Prepaid

Legal Services, had been off Vioxx for at least a couple of years before he

had his heart attack in April 2004. He also suffers from emphysema after

years of smoking. But he said he never had high blood pressure until he

started taking Vioxx.”


“If I don’t recover anything, I gave it a shot. I’m not going to pitch a fit,”

said Crowell. “But on the other hand, because of what I went through, I’m

interested in getting something. My leg is ruined for the rest of my life.”



tiny check Walter Olson has done his usual fine job catloguing legal

news this morning — but, this time, it is as host of Blawg Review

 #33, over at Overlawyered.com  If you need help with the homework

doled out by Dennis Kennedy, try our prior post, Legal Profession Reform

 Is Coming Much Sooner in UK Than US.


tiny check  In “Shame,” Prof. Bainbridge has spoken out against Republicans

who have been slinging mud at Cong. Murtha over his suggestion that we

pull out of Iraq within 6 months.  I join with his frequent-commentor,

the often-dissenting Steve, in thanking Steve Bainbridge for being will ing

to speak the truth, even when his political allies are at fault. 



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