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November 22, 2005

help choose a symbol for the Florida Supreme Court

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A Comment by Martin “RiskProf” Grace has convinced the

f/k/a Gang that we should get our readers involved in choosing

a logo for the Supreme Court of Florida, in the wake of its

decision last week banning the Pape & Chandler PIT BULL

logo and 800-number.  (see our prior post on the case)


         Last Sunday, we rashly suggested that this guy   bullG

would make a darn good symbol for the Dignity Police on

the Florida Supreme Court.  Prof. Grace has, however,

opined that the great bird preferred by Ben Franklin as our

national symbol would be appropriate — to wit, the turkey. 


Here are some examples of that fowl for your





     turkey cooked


This important task — assuring that the public is not misled

by the Court’s dowdy website, while keeping the image of the

Court sufficiently dignified — deserves a bit of brainstorming and

discussion, don’t you think? 


                                                                         eagleSoar too mean


Sadly, our national symbol is not fit for use as a judicial emblem —

the eagle is a vicious predator, preying on the small and weak.  

However, a number of other birds seem like potential candidates:


the dodo – dodoG


                                 the cuckoo – cuckoosG




the ostrich – ostrichG . . . . . .  “ostrichSand” orig.



                                                                  the parrot – parrotG



We can’t discriminate against our

four-footed friends.   Perphaps, one of

these species would fit the bill:


                                                    the donkey/ass – donkeyG



the squirrel – squirrelF


                     or,  maybe even the skunk – skunkG




parienteJ  As Chief Justice Barbara J. Pariente has received an

award for judicial professionalism — and, majored in Communications

at Boston University, her thoughts on the subject would be most

welcomed.   More important, though, is getting your imput.  Please

let us know — using the Comment box or an email — your choice for

the Florida Supreme Court logo/mascot/symbol. 

tiny check Note: Because the Kentucky Attorney Advertising Commission

has already appropriated the horse’s behind theme, we’re afraid

that logo is no longer available.


tiny check  If you came here today looking for astute commentary,

you’re out of luck — a long drive back home from my parents’

place in Rochester has left my brain in Silly Mode.


p.s. Carla Pfeiffer at Genius or Raving Lunatic? is appropriately  owls small

put off by the Florida Court’s implication that pit bulls are too

demeaning for lawyers, but the symbol of the Florida-based Hooter’s

chain is just fine in its representation of women. (“Are lawyers

better than women?”, Nov. 21, 2005)


update (Nov. 28, 2005):  Will Hornsby notes that the reaction to the

Pape & Chandler decision goes from “critical to scathing” — and he

wonders Are Cute Puppies Okay?  Reading Will’s recap of this post,

your Editor realized we omitted a very viable contender to grace the

Florida Supreme Court Website:


                                                     goose goose f




what did you forget?

retracing steps




sing, cuckoo!
you’re just about curing
my headache

our ceremony
just a lot of noise
to the cuckoo


by Kobayashi Issa 
       translated by David G. Lanoue  






  1. BTW, no offense meant to either lawyers (or pit bulls) I have several family members in the profession…

    Comment by Carla Pfeiffer — November 23, 2005 @ 2:50 pm

  2. BTW, no offense meant to either lawyers (or pit bulls) I have several family members in the profession…

    Comment by Carla Pfeiffer — November 23, 2005 @ 2:50 pm

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