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December 6, 2005

if george wallace is 50, i’m really getting old

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Precisely a year ago, I wrote my first double-dactyl to celebrate

the 49th birthday of the double-weblogging, oenophile lawyer from

Pasadena, George M. Wallace.   Having just re-read that poem,

“Another Forty-Niner, I have sworn off double-dactyls.  I have not,

however, sworn off sending the very best birthday greetings to a

weblog-made friend, who has finally joined us quintogenarians.


joker vert


So, best wishes, George, for another half century (or more) of

artsy fooling around in your Forest, and artful lawyering over

declarations & exceptions (and stallions).  I know you and the

Mrs. will be sharing a very good bottle of wine tonight.  Your

pisano from Schenectady adds his own “Salud!” to a truly

Gianduian Barrister, and hopes your advanced age won’t slow

down your posting any time soon.


a “young” friend

turns 50 —

just how mama must have felt




cute waitress –

no protest when we say

we’re getting old





update (9AM): George may be aging, but today’s

post at Fool in the Forest shows he hasn’t lost his




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