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December 13, 2005

snow bocce?

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One highlight of 2005 for me was playing bocce in

Schenectady’s Central Park with fellow haijin Yu Chang

and John Stevenson.  As we contemplate our first

night with temperatures around zero, I’m afraid it might

be quite a while before we have another game of outdoor

That’s too bad, because the addition of our neighbor

Hilary Tann to the f/k/a Honored Guest roll means

she will be expected to join us in 2006, which will allow

us to play the even more enjoyable and traditional two-team

version of bocce.   




But, maybe we needn’t wait until Spring.  I’ve been joking

with John and Yu about getting together for Snow Bocce, and that

phrase turned up on my Keyword Activity list yesterday.  Back-

tracking on the links, I discovered that the Colebrook [NH] Kiwanis

Club has “added an extremely popular event; the Peter Goudreau

Sr. Memorial snow bocce tournament,” with this year’s event

to be held on February 11th.


bocce party tonight —

first, a round of

pooper scooping



The lawyer in me, naturally, wonders whether there are any 

special rules for Snow Bocce.  So far, here’s the only version

I’ve been able to find on the internet:

Snow bocce is played on freshly fallen snow; it needs  “snowflakeS” snowFlakeS

to be the kind of snow that is good for snowballs and

snowmen. It follows all the usual rules (see, for instance,

wikipedia: bocce) except that the pallino and balls are all

made out of snow. As a result, the balls change size over

the course of the game. Rolling across fresh snow, they

can get larger. If they are thrown too far, they may fragment

into multiple pieces. In that case, count the largest fragment

for the purposes of scoring. The other fragments may be left

where they fall.

To be honest, bocce balls made of snow would seem to be a

novelty that would quickly become tiresome and unwieldy.  If

any f/k/a visitors have other versions of Snow Bocce rules, or just

tips for playing lawn bocce on snow, please use the Comment

link or email to let us know.


backyard bocce –

tonight we’re

the noisy neighbors





girls against guys —

who knew

white wine improves your aim?





update (Jan. 16, 2006): See snow bocce update for details of the

first New York Capital Region Haijin Snow Bocce Festa.

Meanwhile, Hilary, Yu and John have some fine haiku for

us, all from The Heron’s Nest:


                                                                   dog black


invisible fence
. . .
no sign of the dog 




weekday morning
gulls gather
round the ice-fishing hole




Hilary Tann – The Heron’s Nest

weekday morning” (June 2003); “invisible fence”  (Aug. 2003)    


pull of the moon
I am not myself







fallen sycamore —
the chess players move
to another tree



yu chang – The Heron’s Nest

fallen sycamore” & “pull of the moon” (Dec. 2005)








end of summer
coming home
with the current and the tide







sparrows sift through
the shopping carts
autumn dusk



John Stevenson – The Heron’s Nest

end of summer” & “sparrows sift through” (Dec. 2005)



“snowflakeS” “snowflakeS”  I want to add my reaction of outrage over the attempt by

Missouri lawyer Susan H. Mello to turn an ambiguous contingency fee

contract in an employment discrimination case into an extraordinarily

excessive fee.  As the Missouri appellate court put it “if it was Mello’s

intent to have her client surrender 35 to 45% of all future earnings until

the welcome hand of death freed her from this servitude, the contract

needed to say as much.” (via George’s Employment Blog and Overlawyered)



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