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December 15, 2005

bats and kites

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Today somehow got away from Your Editor. 

But, we can always count on Peggy Lyles:







sleeping bats–

an echo suggests

the depth of the cave








shells neatly stacked

in other shells–

the moonlit sea








exam week

tangled kites

above the quad



“shells neatly stacked” – Modern Haiku (Autumn 2005)

“sleeping bats” & “exam week” – Frogpond XXVIII: 3 (2005)


first date:

she groans with pleasure

. . .  at my pun




checked box While the rest of us await news on the elections in Iraq,

Prof. B. has another big vote on his mind!  Don’t worry, he’ll let us know

if he wins.


tiny check New Republic has reprinted an article written in 1982 by the late

Eugene McCarthy on artificial turf.  (“Baseball? Boingball,” issued

Nov. 22, 1982, posted Dec. 11, 2005).

late innings

the shortstop backpedals

into fireflies


               ed markowski




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