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December 19, 2005

prematurely late [winter solstice haiku]

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If I had done (any of) my Holiday Chores over the weekend,

I’d be posting about “professionalism” right now and not

frantically figuring out what absolutely needs to get into

the mail today.  


So, I’m going to balance my tardiness with a few

premature solstice haiku:







shortest day

the highrise disappears

into indigo


                      Pamela Miller Ness 






winter solstice–
moving the scale
to a lighter place


                     Alice Frampton

                             from The Heron’s Nest (III:12)









shortest day —
all of the yellow
beaten out of eggs


          from The Heron’s Nest V:3










  A whisp of white smoke:
Out of a widow’d chimney

         Winter is rising


                                     RICHARD WRIGHT,

                                              Haiku: This Other World






winter solstice
the hardware out of
three way bulbs








winter dream

                i pick myself

                    from a line-up of suspects

                ed markowski 





winter solstice

our son reads a fairy tale

to his unborn son


      from To Hear the Rain





winter solstice
adolescent wiccans
flunk a spelling test










not sure

it’s coming back  

clouds hide the solstice sun



                                                                                                                                             jailbird neg


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