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December 20, 2005

last-minute? not yet [christmas eve haiku]

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Oh, stop catastrophizing.  It’s only December 20th.  Real Men  

don’t think “last-minute shopping” or “last-minute preparations”

until about lunchtime on December 24th. 


turkey cooked



Christmas Eve–

the hum of power lines

just pass the mall


     Alice Frampton

        New Resonance 3; beyond spring rain




Christmas eve

the carousel animals

all motionless










Christmas eve

in the courtyard below

a flutter of wings








Christmas eve-
the row of cut trees
no one took home



“Christmas eve/trees”: “Modern Haiku” XXIX:2 (Summer 1998)

“Christmas eve/carousel” Modern Haiku XXIX: 2 (Summer 1998)

“Christmas eve/courtyard” –  “Can Collector’s Red Socks” (2003)





Christmas eve

in her pajamas all day

the youngest one



      Tom Clausen –

             Upstate Dim Sum (2003/1)







Christmas morning

a yellow ribbon

of sun


         Alice Frampton – 

              The Heron’s Nest (Dec. 2003)



p.s.  Well, no, I didn’t quite get all those cards mailed out yesterday. 

My faith in the USPS is almost total.



red envelopes

the sound

of children’s laughter






winter evening

a cafeteria tray

at the end of the slope


    Yu Chang

          Upstate Dim Sum 2003/I




silent night, holy night


      at the bar


                    David G. Lanoue

                            from the novel Haiku Guy




Nana serves

Grandma’s recipes —

Christmas Eve calamari    







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