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January 1, 2006

2006: make it a year you’re proud of

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New Year’s Dawn

light first gathers

    in the icicles




       first page

of the new journal

untrammeled snow


Jim Kacian – Presents of Mind (1996)  “snowflakeS”




the ball drops . .  .

same moon

as last year






No Limbo?  As a Catholic apostate, who nonetheless tries to

lead a life that’s congruent with the Golden Rule and other basic

moral values, I have always liked the thought that there might be

an alternative other than Hell for me, if I guessed wrong, and there

actually is an afterlife ruled over by a judgmental God.   Therefore,

Limbo and analogous concepts (like house arrest instead of doing

time in the Big House) was always an attractive one for me. [I mean,

wasn’t it the Lord who gave me this questioning, contrarian brain.

I refuse to believe in a “Gotcha God.”]


fr ventalone


It’s a little worrisome, therefore, to learn — during this time of joy and

hope — that the Catholic Church, whose theologians originated the

idea of a place other than Heaven or Hell for certain unbaptized but

unsullied souls, may be about to consign Limbo to the theological

round file. See New York Times article, Dec. 28, 2005, that puts the

discussion into historical context, along with the modern issues of

aborted fetuses and African infant mortality; and today’s NYT op/ed 

by Howard Bloom, who has more practical personal concerns; also.

see Seattle Catholic (Dec. 7, 2005) for one theologian’s “serious con-

cern” over the implications of the Church saying that unbaptized infants

would be allowed to enjoy the beatific vision in heaven (rather than merely

avoid hellfires and pain).  Beyond feeling the heat on behalf of my own

immortal soul, this changing of the rules in mid-game (or activist revision

of longstanding doctrine and beliefs) makes me 1) worry — as with the

gay priest issue that we raised here — just what the Church is modeling

for “Catholic legal theory” in the realm of personal rights and due process;

and 2) why so many bright Catholic brains spend time on this stuff when

the world has so many real moral problems. 


the great lord’s wood fire






how annoying!
among chrysanthemums too
the nobles win



  Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue


toiletpaperG   Luckily, I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions.

So, I can nix the notion that I stop picking on Prof. Bainbridge

in 2006.  Steve is a great proponent of fine wine, cigars and cars

(chastizing Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney’s abstention from such vices),

and I would be the last person to wonder how they are connected

to his other passion — his religious Faith.  I do nonetheless wonder

why a man with such impeccable taste allows one of his advertising

“Supporters” — The National Center for Public Policy Research — to

constantly place the photo of a roll of toilet paper at or near the top of

the Bainbridge websites. (It couldn’t be the money!).   Prof. B wants

to be seen as a leading Public Intellectual.   Toilet paper — no matter

how fluffy, absorbent or insightful — does not add to that image. 

tiny check  Prof. B. has not eschewed Resolutions. Check

his out here and consider a) which are inconsistent

or work at cross-purposes and b) which are likely to

make Steve a better person.  Test to follow.



my New Year’s resolution


      toilet paper


    David G. Lanoue – Haiku Guy, a novel


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