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January 4, 2006

snow lang syne

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If nothing else gets done around here today (a very

good possibility), we’re going to make sure you enjoy

a handful of haiku from DeVar Dahl.



scotch mints —
the squeak of my walking stick
in packed snow









heavy clouds

the snowplows’ rumble

drifts into town




snow pile



a silent magpie

flies across the valley

leafless wonders


he changes into play clothes

after school







snowy day
she paints the poppies
a deeper red



snow pile flip



“empty swallows nest” from A Piece of Egg Shell (2004)

“heavy clouds” from HSA Members’ Anthology (2003)

“snowmelt” – Walking the Same Path: HSA Mem Anthology 2004

“snowy day” – the shiki haiku prize contest

scotch mints” – The Heron’s Nest (June 2005)



give her a hand —

a perfect

snow angel




tiny check  Jacob A. Stein’s column in the newest Washington Lawyer  “eMC2G”

(“E=procrastination=mc2,” Jan. 2006) sure rings a bell with this old

lawyer.   While trying to understand Einstein’s famous equation, Stein

had a great insight: 

“Was the discovery of E=mc2 Einstein’s way of avoiding the things

he should have done? That would be an interesting discovery. I

would have liked to cross-examine him on that point. He might be

a genius in quantum physics, time, light, and gravity, but no match

for me concerning procrastination. I would force him to concede that

anyone can do any amount of work provided it’s not work he is

supposed to do. My credentials for this assignment are the best.

I learned the art of procrastination in the best school there is—

practicing law. There is no better place. Lawyers do it. Judges do it.

Even law professors up at Yale do it.


“The best lawyers I have known are the best at contriving ways to

delay making a decision. Experience has taught them not to be in a

rush to do anything that can be put off.


“One of the causes of procrastination is the deadline. . . .




“Let me close with some advice. When you realize you are getting

caught in a procrastination mental block, you must immediately turn

the assignment over to someone else. The person you give the

assignment to will do it right away. He has his own mental blocks,

and he will welcome an assignment that distracts him from what he

should be doing, which for some reason he cannot do. Give me a

call and we will work a trade.”

Go, read the whole column.  It’s sure better than doing whatever you’re

supposed to be doing right now.




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