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January 19, 2006

we should make the word “blawg” obsolete

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I just posted a lengthy essay on the above

topic.  It’s in the form of an Open Letter to

the Editor of Blawg Review.     Go here.


This is the opening: 


“Whether or not a neologism continues

as part of the language depends on many

factors, probably the most important of which

is acceptance by the public.”

                                     WikiWhat / Answers.com


“Words become obsolete or archaic for any

number of Reasons.”

                        Christopher Orlet –

                          Existential Journalist


Dear Blawg Review Editor [“Ed“]:


I’ve come to know you as an articulate lover of the English language. 

As far as I know, you don’t say “lawgic” or “lawnguage,” drink “lawtte,” 

bill clawents, or use Blawk‘s Dictionary. You don’t call lazy associates

 “slawkers,”  and have yet to dub Jack Abramoff a “lawbbyist.”


You’re usually a skeptic and no fan of “cute.”  If linguists called their

weblogs “blings” (or argonauts called theirs “blargs”), you’d probably 

smirk.  But, note: no one else uses such verbal oddities in naming their

weblogs.  So, Ed, why do you, and other otherwise-serious members of

the legal community, refer to law-oriented weblogs as “blawgs?”  Why

take an insider pun by a popular lawyer-webdiva (which should have been

passed around and admired briefly as a witty one-off) and help perpet-

uate it?


thesaurus   For much more Go here.

update (Jan. 20, 2006): The Editor of Blawg Review has responded

to this posting by acting as if the issue were whether one has a

right to make new words.   Our point is, of course, that all words

are not created equal and that “blawg” fails virtually all of the tests 

for a useful word that is worth keeping and, more important, worth 

using (especially by a profession accused so often of using words

that confuse and that set it apart).  [more inside]


what my words can’t explain —
the autumn sun
on your back







coyote moon small  


a coyote call

goes unanswered

evening star



back again

the driftwood thrown

with all my strength








explaining it,

my life sounds frivolous

holly berries






what my words can’t explain” – The Heron’s Nest

“a coyote call” – Acron No. 6 (Spring 2001)

“explaining it” – acorn haiku magazine

“back again” – pegging the wind, 2002; acorn




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