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January 20, 2006

m.d. welch checks in

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old folks’ home

     the square of light

          crosses the room




“welch old gray”





morning sun–
  a patch of frost
     in the holstein’s shadow







reading in bed
my pulse flickering
the lightly held bookmark






first date

    letting her

put snow down my neck








accumulating snow–

oven mitts

praying on the counter





“first date” –  edge of light: RMA 2003

“morning sun” – pegging the wind: RMA 2002

“reading in bed” – Open Window –  haiku and photographs

“old folks’ home” – Open Window – haiku and photographs 

“accumulating snow–”  frogpond XXVIII: 1 (Winter 2005)




from the shower,

a sad love song —

bathtub cricket



“snowflakeS” potluck

tiny check  Carolyn Elefant muses over why so many lawyers in BigLaw firms 

seem to want to escape.   She points to Orin Kerr, who is also wondering

whether the trend of blogging anonymously and snagging a book deal might

“creative” pseudononymous weblogging will snag him a min-series by year’s



                                                                                                                          help with mistakes


PSST!  In reaction to our post “we should make the word “blawg” obsolete“, the

Editor of Blawg Review sought expert assistance from linguist Mark Liberman at

Language Log.  I don’t think Ed got much solace.  Check it out. The touchstone 

for acceptance of a neologism into the general language is its use and acceptance 

by the public.  I do wish that Liberman had read the article behind the headline that

was misleadingly cited by Ed. (See ‘Blawg’ use in law firms is on the rise.) The head-

line suggests that law firms use the word “blawg” more than ever, but the article never

broaches that topic; it merely says law firms have more weblogs now. 


“snowflakeS” “snowflakeS”


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