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January 30, 2006

can’t let january end without frampton & morden

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First, two old favorites from Matt Morden:



winter sickness
my daughter tucks me in
for the first time






an old resume
my son colours in
his rainbow







      – and two new ones from his Morden Haiku 




a compost heap
listening to
the sound of worms








loft clutter
sweeping up flies
woken from sleep





 “a compost heap” – Morden Haiku (Jan. 24, 2006

“lost clutter” – Morden Haiku (Jan. 23, 2006

“winter sickness” – The Heron’s Nest, (July 2003)

“an old resume” – bio page at World Haiku.  


                                                                     bike sketch gray


tiny check  And, three poems that first introduced me




last goodbye –
scent of his wool coat
deeper into my nose





wishing fountain

outside the cancer clinic:

some heads, some tails








morning milking

the white

of mother’s breath



“last good-bye” – The Heron’s Nest Volume IV No. 2

“wishing fountain” – Frogpond XXV: 1

“morning milking” – Haiku Canada Newsletter XVI: 3

                                                                                         alaska gray




don't forget tack  Don’t forget: There is a great

list of daily haiku weblogs at Matt’s Morden Haiku. 

One of the best parts of visiting haijin weblogs

is reading the comments on their work.




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