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February 1, 2006

finally: February

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After jumping the gun on February two days ago,

I’m pleased to say it really is Feb. 1, 2006.  The

best thing about February?  We don’t have to

make believe the Year is still New.



on your desk right now, you’d be enjoying this winning,

featured haiku by our Honored Guest Roberta Beary:




snowed in
the dog clicks
from room to room



Because you’re visiting f/k/a, you get to enjoy

four more from our fabulous lawyer-haijin:






waiting room–

the ex-wife

looks past me






the words of his letter

darker and darker




snowFlakeS  snowFlakeS



his fingers slowly

unbutton me






another snowstorm

a child’s braids her doll’s hair

over and over



“waiting room” – Pocket Change.

“twilight” & “another snowtorm” – Woodnotes #29




snowFlakeS  After an unseasonably warm January, there are

quite a few fans of snowmen and snow buddhas

hoping for a snowy February in the Northeast.


cloudless sky —

three starter snowmen 

in the freezer 

dagosan       [Feb. 1, 2005]



tiny check The Ohio Supreme Court has announced the creation of a announcerS

one-year pilot Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring Program for lawyers

who graduate this May.  New attorneys who participate in the

program will be able to use it to fulfill six hours of a 12-hour new

lawyer training require-ment that is mandatory for all Ohio attor-

neys in their first year. Attorneys who act as mentors must meet

certain criteria, such as a minimum of 5 years’ experience), and

earn six hours of continuing legal education credit at the completion

of the program. Get the details at the above link.



Court permits School Board’s ban on Members reading IEPs

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The Jamestown, NY, School Board passed a resolution on September 14, 2004,

prohibiting any board member from reading the Individualized Education Program

(IEP) of a district student, in the process of deciding whether to approve or dis-

approve the IEP.  The Board Member must rely solely on a brief summary written

by the Committee that prepared the IEP.  In Deann Nelson vs Board of Education,

(WDNY, Hon. John T. Elfvin, S.U.S.D.J., Dkt. 2006-01-27  05-cv-0407, Jan. 27, 2006),

the federal district court in Buffalo, New York, decided last week that the 1st Amendment

rights of Board Member Deann Nelson, Ed.D, who was the only member actually reading

the IEPs, had not been violated by the ban, under either a retaliation theory or the theory

that her ability to perform the duties for which she was elected had been impaired. 

tiny check Note: Counsel for Plaintiff Deann Nelson is Arthur J. Giacalone,

the brother of this weblog’s Editor.

blackboard abc     


The Facts


As a member of the Jamestown, NY, School Board, Deann Nelson, Ed.D., is required to

vote on whether to approve the Individualized Education Program (IEP) prepared for each

child under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (“the IDEA”), 20 U.S.C.

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