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February 11, 2006

hotham on saturday night

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The f/k/a gang is not feeling very inspired today.  But, we

have our stash of Honored Guest poetry for your enjoyment,

and chose a few winners from Gary Hotham






the dog takes a sniff 

— snow that didn’t go

with the first warm day








thrown away

without counting–

birthday cards






warm night —

a soda machine rejects

my coin





three caws

and the crow has flown







each lull

in the winter wind:

you and I




“snowflakeS”  gary hotham

 the dog takes a sniff” – The Heron’s Nest (Dec. 2005)

“warm nights” – The Heron’s Nest VII:2

“thrown away” frogpond XXVII:3

“each lull” & three caws” – breathmarks (1999)


rearview mirror–

the baby face

is gone




tiny check Since we’ve never been reluctant to mention the shortcomings “PhantomMasK”

of our beloved Schenectady, NY, or Metroplex, its economic development

agency, it is only fair to give a standing ovation for a great success story. 

Supported by a $9.5 million Metroplex grant, and its own fund drive, our

already grand Proctor’s Theater has expanded its stage area, in order to

accommodate even the largest Broadway roadshows. The boosters promised 

to bring those shows to our small city (which is part of the NY Capital Region,

along with Albany, Troy, and Saratoga Springs), and to put some life into our

mostly moribund downtown com-mercial scene.


To prove it, and despite the skeptics, Proctor’s lured the road production

of The Phantom of the Opera to Schenectady, for the longest run in the

old vaudeville Theater’s history — the entire month of February.  A week

into the run, Proctor’s announced that all but one hundred of the 80,000

available tickets have been sold (with all the remainders being single





Perhaps more important, with a cast and crew of 150, plus the thousands

of theater-goers bringing customers to restuarants, hotels and other es-

tablishments, downtown businesses are beaming and crowing. (Fox23News,

Albany, NY, “Ecomonic Boom with Phantom of the Opera“, Feb. 10, 2006).


Proctor’s has always been able to bring business to downtown Schen-

ectady only one night at a time.  If it becomes a destination of choice

for major Broadway roadshows and their audiences, the foot-traffic that

has been so sorely missing, and the core of business needed to sustain

a lively downtown, may indeed be possible in the near future — in this

City that has lost so much of its jobs, population, stores, and hope over

the last few decades.  Thanks and best wishes to Proctor’s “Next Stage”

and all who have made it possible.



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