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February 13, 2006

ukku celebrates the coming of spring with haiku

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Starting today, February 13, 2006, a new group haiku weblog

will be launched, to celebrate Winter’s turning into Spring.


“UKG”  It’s called ukku spring haiku — “uk” denoting the

United Kingdom, the location of its prime movers, and “ku”

being the Japanese word for verse or phrase.  Matt Morden

tells me that he pronounces the weblog name “ook-koo.”


At this time, the proprietors of some of my very favorite

haiku weblogs are signed on as Contributors:

Alison and Matt deserve credit for spearheading this project.

dagosan will be participating, too, with his humble offerings,

and I’m sure more fine haijin will be joining the festivities, as

we record the coming and progress of Spring 2006, between

the full moon on February 13th 2006 and the one on 13th April.


Matt tells us that:

The only pre-requisite for posting is that there should

be a Spring (or signs of Spring) theme to the subject

matter. Postings could be haiku, senryu, tanka,haiga

or haibun. Photos or graphics in an haiku spirit are also


If two recents posts at Morden Haiku are any indication,

Matt is definitely ready for Spring:


every year
before snowdrops
spring catalogue






chillies in color here



february grey
i remember chillies
in a sieve





It looks like Eric is ready for spring, too.

As is, Alison.


Especially if winter is getting you down,

please remember the ukku sping journal.






ukku is launched —
the Mohawk* finally
freezes over

* The
Mohawk River,
Schenectady, NY, USA



update (5 PM): Since I looked early this morning, ukku‘s

contributors list has expanded to include: Denis Garrison,

editor of the online Haiku Harvest journal, and the weblog

Haiku Unchained; author/poet Alan Summers of with words;

and Aurora Antonovic, the multitalented Canadian writer,

editor, and visual artist (who I enjoy making laugh over at


AuroraA Even better, clicking around, I discovered that

Aurora has finally started her own weblog (since Jan. 20,

2006), called The Longest Wooing.  Don’t miss it.



tiny check Spring should make even lawyers think about

leisure, love, renewal and priorities.  See the current

discussion of Lawyers and Leisure at places like

As we point out in a Comment at Prof. B’s post, we

are skeptical that lawyer greed can be overcome by

the forces that long for more leisure and family time.

                                                                                                      “UKB” ku


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