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February 28, 2006

the heron’s nest haiku mardi gras

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If you love to read or write haiku, Mardi Gras might be best celebrated

with a parade of some of the best haiku published in 2005.  Yesterday,

Feb. 27, 2006, The Heron’s Nest made that easy — it announced the

winners of its Readers’ Choice Awards Vol. VII  (2005).  There are two

categories, Best Poem and Most Popular Poet.  All those participating

in the poll agreed to read all of the poems published at THN in 2005.




tiny check  We at f/k/a are celebrating extra hard, as four of our Honored Guest

Poets were among the six winners — with Carolyn Hall topping both



Here are the contest results:



Best Poem Vol. VII (2005)


GRAND PRIZE (120 points)

so suddenly winter
baby teeth at the bottom
of the button jar

            — Carolyn Hall  Commentary



FIRST RUNNER-UP (94 points)

– Click to see Rick Tarquinio‘s haiku




SECOND RUNNER-UP (75 points)

the uneven edge
of a quahog shell

            — paul m. Commentary




THIRD RUNNER-UP (58 points)

– click to see David Lindsey‘s haiku


Popular Poets Vol. VII (2005)  “THNLogoF”



Carolyn Hall (5 of 7 poems received votes – total = 163 points)

– click to see each of Carolyn’s Vol. VII poems: 0701 EC#1,  0701 5#8,  



paul m. (6 of 7 poems received votes – total = 141 points)

– click to see each of paul’s Vol. VII poems 0701 1#10,  0701 7#5,  


Rick Tarquinio (4 of 6 poems received votes – total = 135 points)

-click to see each of RIck’s Vol. VII poems: 0701 9#9,  0702 EC#1,  

0702 3#90703 6#1,  0704 10#3,  0704 12#8

John Stevenson (8 of 8 poems received votes – total = 135 points)

– click to see each of John’s Vol. VII poems: 0701 11#4,  0701 7#1,  



Yu Chang  (4 of 4 poems received votes – total = 93 points)

– click to see each of Yu’s Vol. VII poems: 0703 7#1,  0703 7#7,  

0704 12#3,  0704 7#3.  (Being an engineer and a stickler for

precision, I bet the ever-humble Prof. Yu would point out that

a tie for Second makes him the Fourth Runner-Up.)


MGstuff  Celebrate Mardi Gras with a pair of poems from each of f/k/a‘s

Honored-Guest winners from Vol. VII of the Heron’s Nest:



the tulips
wide open 


rain-streaked windows
    how to paint
    the finch’s song






pull of the moon
I am not myself




fallen sycamore —
the chess players move
to another tree





daffodil shoots–

all these years

as an accountant




drifting seed fluff . . .

the rented horse

knows an hour’s worth







evening light
a loaf of bread
on the cutting board





fresh snow
for the hands,
for the face





MardiGrasN  There’s one big difference between The Heron’s Nest

Mardi Gras celebration and traditional ones: THN will still be feasting

on Ash Wednesday — with its first edition of 2006 (Vol. VIII). Check

it out on March 1st.


tiny check  By the way, in April, THN‘s first annual paper edition

will be published, containing all of the poems that

appeared online in 2005, plus the Reader’s Choice

Awards result.  It’s only $15.  Details here, in the left-

hand margin.


p.s. dagosan didn’t win any THN awards this year, but still felt like a

winner a year ago, when this poem appeared in Vol. VII: 1 — his

very first haiku in a haiku journal:


alone —
warm laundry


      david giacalone



LanoueSelf On Feb. 17, we wrote that New Orleans resident

David Lanoue planned to go all out this year celebrating Mardi

Gras post-Katrina.  We hope the good professor has a great

time and brings something more than a headache to his

creative writing class on March 1.



somebody’s little sister

     Bourbon Street





the city recovers
by restaurant


the city Care forgot
is drowning, Care






  1. i’ve been enjoying your posts.

    Comment by dustin neal — February 28, 2006 @ 5:53 pm

  2. i’ve been enjoying your posts.

    Comment by dustin neal — February 28, 2006 @ 5:53 pm

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