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March 1, 2006

don’t give up THN for Lent

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As I promised yesterday, the first edition of The Heron’s Nest

for this year went online today – Volume VIII: 1 (March 2006).

In it, you will find 12 pages of haiku, by 99 haijin. Please, don’t

give up THN (or f/k/a) for Lent.


 Naturally, many of our Honored Guests Poets can be found in the newest edition. Gary Hotham had two of his haiku selected:


garden path —

the same weeds

in their country





no old habits —

the newborn’s




gary hothamThe Heron’s Nest (VIII:1, March 2006)

garden path” & “no old habits —


“thnLogoF” Because she is an associate editor for THN, the

poems of Peggy Lyles do not appear on its pages. To make

up for that sacrifice, you can enjoy four haiku from Peggy, right

here, that seem to fit right in on the day after Fat Tuesday:




chasing butterflies . . .

the girl with Wednesday’s ashes

on her brow





no thought

of air until

that blue feather’s drift






umbrella vert


passion flower

your faith

or mine?







distant jazz

a calla lily

catches rain




Peggy Lyles, from To Hear the Rain (Brooks Books, 2002)


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