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March 11, 2006

saturday in AK

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potluck update (March 12, 2006): Three days after the “best

day” yet in his professional career (dismissal of charges against

teen Rachel Waterman for the murder of her mother), Alaska

Public Defender and AlaskaBlawger Steven Wells has announced

that he will soon be leaving the Office of Public Advocate, where

he handles defense of the most serious crimes across the State,

in order to enter private solo practice.  In “I’ve Got to Be Moving On,”

March 11, 2006, Steve writes why three years is about right to stay

in a particular position that “will ultimately burn out whoever has it,” and

outlines his other goals. 


though I’m loving
these travels of mine…
it’s cold!


    translated by David G. Lanoue


Steve plans to keep writing his weblog, knowing he might just have more

time to do so as he nutures his private practice.  I hope he’ll write about

what this kind of turnover means for the proper defense of indigent defen-

dants. (thanks to Blawg Review “Ed” for the pointer).

alaska gray


I’ve never been to Alaska.  The next best thing for me is

thinking about Billie Wilson as she experiences the

coming of Spring in Juneau.


evening calm–

a kayak glides the moonpath

to midlake




huddled sparrows–

the spring green

of winter wheat







lonely today—

I search the hollow

for first violets






breathing space—

the deepening pink

of alpenglow





pickup g


evening calm–

a kayak glides the moonpath

to midlake


mud-spattered pickup-
four dogs watch
the tavern door 



Billie Wilson

“evening calm” – Hermitage Vol. 1 (2004)

huddled sparrows –” – Shinzounokodou 1 (2004)

“lonely today” – Modern Haiku 35:1 (2004)

“breathing space –” The Haiku Society of America Newsletter XIX:1 (2004)

“mud-spattered pickup”-  The Heron’s Nest (February 2001)



tiny check The pot is empty today.  Legal commentary is just not on my radar screen. 

I’m not sure whether it is our spring-like weather or a healthy sense of

priorities.   One of these days, we’ll get grumpy and judgmental again.




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