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March 28, 2006

a haiku kind of day

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Looking for punditry?  Keeping scrolling down the page (check

this update, if you’re wondering about goombahs and Scalias),

and come back later.  Right now, I need to enjoy a gorgeous

upstate New York spring day.


michael dylan welch shared his Thornewood hiking

experience with one-breath poetry:




a red berry on the trail

I look up

to the chickadee’s song  





first on the trail—

the pull of a spider’s strand

across my face







a switch-back

in the trail—

I glance at her face


a climbing pea

has lassoed a blade

of crab grass! 







trail dust settles—

a shooting star bobs

over a spider’s turret







a mushroom cap

tilting in the sun—

I feel for my bald spot 






new shoots

on the big-leaf maple—

how blue the sky, how blue



Michael Dylan Welch from Thornewood Poems




lit by the sunset

waves along the shore

rolling the seal’s body


    by Michael Dylan Welch


                                                                                                                             spider web small 


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