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March 30, 2006

metamania romance quiz

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Imagine you’re a geek-dude weblogger really into metadata,

and you want to impress a sweet young thing.


SlowpokeMetamaniaS    You say:

My site reviews the best

sites that filter sites that pick

up RSS feeds from sites about

Gourd Pottery.”

How does your heart’s desire respond? 


Jen Sorensen, of Slowpoke Comics fame, knows. 

Click to find out the answer.  You’ll have to decide

for yourself whether this is a match made in cyber-


“Tiny check” Then, click to see the all four

which include– in addition to Meta-

mania — Googlitis, Archivaholism,

and Compulsive News Binging.


   Slowpoke is one more reason I always

   pick up my weekly Metroland.


tiny check  Those who came here for socially-significant

and/or legal issues, should check out I/P lawyer

which applauds French efforts to force “every

maker and distributor of digital media to make

details of copy-protection schemes available to

competitors, and to force interoperability among

digital formats.” (Metroland, Volume 29 – Number

13 – March 30, 2006)




update (March 31, 2006): The thoughtful Editor of Blawg Review

sends along this cautionary tale: The Man She Forgot to Google..


blind date tomorrow —
will she
Yahoo! me tonight?


         dagosan at simply senryu


                                                                                       computer weary

d.c. dreams – cherry blossoms at their peak

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For most of my adult life (including college days and a dozen years

practicing law), Washington, D.C., was my home.   I often miss my

many good friends in the DC Area.   In Springtime, however, two

events — the blooming of the cherry blossoms and of the azaleas —

make me yearn to be physically back there, amidst priceless and

wordless beauty (update 9 PM: like Mira and Elana).



so far away –

cherry blossoms and the smile

that humbles them



Washingtonians are celebrating their National Cherry Blossom Fesitval 

from March 25 through April 9.  According to the National Park Service,

today (March 30th) is the expected Peak Bloom day — “the day in which

70 percent of the blossoms of the Yoshino Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis)

trees are open.” You can read the history of Washington’s cherry trees,

originally a gift in 1912 from the people of Japan, here. 

tiny check The Washington Post has a video, “A Day

Among the Cherry Blossoms”, March 26, 2006, for

those who would like to dally.  Read about the

Festical here.


among cherry blossoms
a long stay
in this world



      translated by David G. Lanoue




   anne marie williams


The blooming period of cherry blossoms can last as long as

14 days.   The contrast of the beauty and the impermanence of

the blossoms have long made them the perfect subject for haiku

(and for zen philosophers).


Last month, we featured poems from the Vancouver Cherry Blossom

Festival’s Haiku Invitational Contest.    Here are a pair of Vancouver

winners from two of f/k/a‘s Honored Guests:





distant thunder
a few cherry blossoms
float to earth




just blossoming
we meet under
the cherry tree




     w.f. owen








cherry blossoms
the tug tug tug
of baby’s hand







morning mist
a bent back sweeps
yesterday’s blossoms



Cherry blossoms are so cherished in Japan, that any poem

mentioning “blossoms” with no further designation, is regarded

as being about cherry blossoms.  Our beloved kobayashi issa

wrote thousands of haiku about cherry blossoms.  Go here for

several dozen.




Cherry blossoms can evoke quite a few different emotions and

insights.  Issa, along with his translator David G. Lanoue, shares

a few of his with us:


mountain cherry blossoms–
the pine trees
stand guard






mountain cherry blossoms–
hair decoration
for a bald man






a ruckus in the cherry blossoms
a ruckus in the trout stream




pulling up
his fishhook he looks…
at cherry blossoms!





hey cherry blossoms–
why the rush
to scatter so soon?





evening cherry blossoms–
the devil is moved
to tears







growing old–
even the cherry blossoms
a bit annoying






even while walking
through cherry blossoms…



the roof sweeper
stands still…
evening cherry blossoms







the buck looks
at cherry blossoms…
shedding his horns








Edo’s cherry blossoms, too
shine only
for money









world of pain–
and the cherry blossoms
add to it!





the great lord
forced off his horse…
cherry blossoms



translated by David G. Lanoue



tiny check No matter what kind of blossoms you have where you live,

take a little time to experience them — or the Blossom Police

might be knocking at your door.




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