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April 2, 2006

honorary gumbahs: yu and john

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Not all of my gumbahs” are Italo-American.   Over dim sum, carrot cake,

haiku, and lawn bocce, John Stevenson and Yu Chang have become, in

the words of The American Heritage Dictionary:

Goombah: n. Slang.  A companion or associate, especially an

older friend who acts as a patron, protector, or adviser.  

[Think of “older” as in “wiser,” “more mature.”]


Let me tell you, these gumbahs can write haiku and senryu!



yu chang




the new guppy

fans its tail




mountain trail

my heart beat

louder than I remember








mountain pass


on every windshield









waiting for you

another pair of headlights

through the fog








circuits lab

his mistake

in the air








evening silence

cat food for the stray










drainage ditch

first frog

of spring 


except: “drainage ditch” – (2003/II)







his spotless

new office

my dermatologist








and homesick

all-night diner






satellite image

   of my childhood home

   . . . the woods








Monday morning

putting the point

on a pencil





diner dude gray 




a touching movie

the ushers wait

for us to leave









to the point

a bent reed








dinner for one

a view

of the ocean







tiny check Darn, I forgot all about Spring Break and swimsuits, when I

ate that entire bag of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses at 3 AM

last night.  Good thing the NYT reminded me to start dieting again.



tiny check Please: Spare me from power-hungry political webloggers and from

liberal Democrats who think we can win elections by becoming  ideological

purists and forming thought-police posses. See NYT and Althouse.


all fools day
my daughter gets in first
with a pinch and punch


      matt morden – morden haiku

tiny check  Gumbah-haijin Matt Morden linked yesterday to a piece discussing

the origins of April Fool’s Day – All Fools Day. 



                                                                                                                      froglegs neg


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