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April 16, 2006

easter memories reprised

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Revived and expanded from last Easter  (aren’t we all?):


4 A.M., Easter —
chocolate mustaches
on father and son


…… by dagosan

1952: the giacalone sibs show off clothes and baskets (the 2-year-old dagosan beams, on the R) Click for original photo.

dadEaster54s 1954: dad joins the gang for a fashion show

original photo

Easter lily

on the shut-in’s coffee table. . .

fingers over each petal


Randy Brooks – from School’s Out (Press Here, 1999)

momEaster54s – and don’t forget mom!
original photo

more gray heads

at the easter meal —

withered cattails





“DiPEaster95s” 1995: easter in Rochester with Donna and the kids

original photo


replacing peeps
purloined from the kids
pink fingers





JamesEggL 2004: good egg James is holding on

original photo



sugar crash:
easter joy
sinks with the sun




2005: Lissa’s waiting for Easter and Spring “lissaBench”

original photo




EasterEgg We hope you make some special holiday memories today —

or already have earlier this week..

egg shell haiku

easter snow

a piece of egg shell

in the sandwich

the road home

swallows fly out

both sides of the bridge


dry leaves

trapped in the spokes

grandpa’s bike

DeVar Dahl
from A Piece of Egg Shell (Magpie Press, 2004)

her chocolate breath
mingles with mine —
easter sunset



Simply Haiku (Winter 2005)

easter monday:

three baskets

late but full





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