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April 21, 2006

frivolous restaurant lawsuits – “Tina’s Groove”

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With Overlawyered‘s Walter Olson taking a few days off for family duties, I guess it’s up to us to point you to today’s Tina’s Groove comic strip on Restaurant Lawsuits. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 21, 2006) It’s well worth a click. (Hey, buddy, can I borrow your placemat?)
TinaSample get Tina products here
early Alzheimer’s
she says she’ll have . . .
the usual
dining alone
I rehearse
a conversation

and homesick
all-night diner

late night —
a waitress repeats
the list of pies

“dining alone” – Quiet Enough (Red Moon Press, 2004)
“early Alzheimer’s” – Quiet Enough (2004)
“home” – Upstate Dim Sum (2003/I)
“late night”- The Heron’s Nest (March 2006)
. . .

coffee shop . . .
the only empty seat
still warm
all tongue
the clam in the fire’s
from School’s Out (Press Here, 1999)
pretty waitress —  SlicingThePie
just a nod when we say
we’re getting old

…  by dagosan

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