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September 29, 2006

gooseless friday night

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It’s a home-alone-with-a-bad-cold kind of Friday night.  I even learned too late that September 29 is Michaelmas Day (and Goose Day) in Britain.   Since I can’t go visit them, I thought I’d invite a few haijin friends over for some Neil Young protest music, popcorn, cheap Merlot and a movie (V for Vendetta).


NeilYoungLivingWithWarN  Neil Young, “Living with War” (2006)


First, of course, a haiku appetizer:



Indian summer~
two tortoises stretch
toward shore


new kitten
the size
of her heartbeat



new year’s morning
I fold up
another calendar


. . . by Pamela Miller Ness

“Indian summer–” Nisqually Delta Review (editor’s choice, winter/spring 2006)
“new kitten” – Nisqually Delta Review (editor’s choice, winter/spring 2006)
“new year’s morning” – fish in love (HSA 2006); bottle rockets #15 (2006)




Michaelmas Day
mist takes back the blackberries
nobody picked




september wind
ash leaves follow
a swallow south




winter dawn
a tub of washing
all run blue


. . . by matt morden
“winter dawn” – The Heron’s Nest VIII:3 (Sept. 2006) goose
“Michaelmas Day” – Morden Haiku (Sept. 29, 2006)
“september wind” – Morden Haiku (Sept. 23, 2006)






peace march
the stone buddha’s
weathered face





out of the blue
the window washer
brightens my day




. . . by Tom Painting 
“peace march” – fish in love
“out of the blue” – Modern Haiku 37.2 (Summer 2006)




algebra class
at Columbine —
solving for y






sparkling May–
rowers pull together
on their oars


. . . by Barry George
“algebra class” simply haiku (Autumn 2006, vol. 4 no. 3)
“sparkling May–” – frogpond XXIX: 2 (2006)



on our pond —
the geese you chased
from your pond.
     from dagosan’s haiku diary

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  1. David – could think of worse ways to spend an evening – me and the kids went to see the English Acoustic Collective perform on Friday night, which brought the average age of the audience down considerably, though young folks would have appreciated the tradtional music had they been there.

    Thanks for the plug, as ever…

    Comment by matt — October 1, 2006 @ 10:11 am

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