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October 10, 2006

pumpkin paucity, but lots of laryalee

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The news media has been filled with reports lately that our rainy summer in the northeastern USA has greatly reduced the pumpkin crop in states such as New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, which produce much of the nation’s supply of the usually ubiquitous and festive autumnal gourd-fruit-squash.  Since we at f/k/a planned ahead, you can always find a supply of pumpkin haiku by going to our archival storm cellar, and clicking on pithy pumpkin poetry and/or pumped for pumpkins.  [As usual, we apologize for the formatting problems caused by the switch to our new weblog server and platform.] 
Although there may be a pumpkin shortage at your farm stands and supermarkets, there will no longer be a shortage of poetry by Laryalee Fraser, at this humble but proud weblog.  As was leaked last week by haikuEsq, the entire f/k/a Gang is proud and pleased to announce that Lary has joined the f/k/a family, agreeing to become our latest (and 28th) Honored Guest Poet.  If you love contemporary English-language haiku or modern haiga, you probably already know Laryalee’s fine work.  If not, a quick look at her poetry site along poetry creek) or her haiga webpages (soft strokes), will surely explain our enthusiasm.  


By the way, the first glimmer of hope for dagosan‘s neophyte career as a haiku poet came earlier this year, when he had the high honor of sharing with Laryalee The Scorpion Prize for Roadrunner Haiku Journal Issue V:4.  Here’s Lary’s winning poem from Roadrunner V:4:



new neighbors —
apples hang on both sides
of the fence


Lary is also a frequent winner in the Shiki Monthly Kukai (contest).  Indeed, she won 1st Place for both prongs of the contest (kigo and freeform) in July 2006:


he adjusts the sprinkler
for the fourth time



campfire chili
a loon’s call stirs
the darkness


Although I couldn’t find any pumpkin haiku by Lary, her many perspectives on nature and human nature can be seen in these autumn haiku:

the scent of autumn —

his frail hands
the last harvest




harvest moon
a spider farms
the wall ivy







fading rainbow
a maple leaf swirls
down the drain

bristled pine —
the autumn moon
has a moustache!
Laryalee Fraser

“noticing” – Simply Haiku (autumn 2005)
“his frail hands” – Simply Haiku  (autumn 2004)
“harvest moon”- Haiku Harvest (fall/winter/05)
“sales flyer” – Clouds Peak (#1, July 2006)
“bristled pine –” – Simply Haiku Vol. 2:2
LaryaleeFraser Lary tells me she’s not fond of biographies, but I want to share this brief one from Haigaonline with you, so you can know a bit about our newest family member from Canada:  “A former newspaper reporter, Laryalee is a widely published author whose favorite forms of writing have now become haiku and tanka. Her haiga have been published in Haigaonline, Mindfire Renewed, Simply Haiku and World Haiku Review, and she is a regular participant in the World Haiku Association’s monthly haiga contests. More of her haiga can be found on her web site Along Poetry Creek.   Since her retirement, Lary’s interests have included gardening, photography and visiting her grandchildren. These and the pleasures she finds in small-town life in British Columbia infuse her haiga.”     I bet she’d rather make your acquaintance through her poems, like this pair from Clouds Peak (Issue #2, p. 1, Oct. 2006):



sales flyer —
a crow paces
the parking lot  



new pink sneakers —
grandma’s porch step
still creaks

Whatever the season or event, we warmly welcome, Laryalee!!  pumpkin


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